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FRP-strengthened RC Structures, 2nd Edition

FRP-strengthened RC Structures, 2nd Edition

Jin-Guang Teng, Jian-Fei Chen, Tao Yu

ISBN: 978-1-119-21555-4

Apr 2020

600 pages

Select type: E-Book


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State-of-the-art of the theory and applications surrounding fundamental mechanics of structures strengthened with bonded fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement

FRP-strengthened RC Structures provides readers with a comprehensive guide to the fundamental theory that underpins the use of bonded fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP) to strengthen structures. It consolidates the information presented in research papers into one all-encompassing reference on the subject. It provides a self-contained, systematic and thorough treatment of FRP’s uses in concrete, steel, timber and masonry within a unified, theoretical framework. It assumes a basic knowledge of structural engineering in the areas of analysis and design.

  • Brings together all the important research work undertaken on FRP strengthening under one cover, providing the reader with a complete state-of-the-art of the area and the best theoretical models available.
  • Addresses the FRP strengthening of concrete, masonry, steel and timber structures using one unified, and theoretical framework and collating together material currently only available in research papers.
  • Includes 24 chapters that address topics ranging from fundamental issues such as bond behaviour, to more specific issues such as the flexoural strengthening of steel beams.
  • Authored by globally acknowledged leading experts in the field of structural strengthening with FRP composites.

FRP-strengthened RC Structures will appeal to researchers and code writers as a core reference, designers as an advanced source of information on design guidelines and solutions, and postgraduate and senior undergraduate students in relevant disciplines as a textbook.