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Fabled Service: Ordinary Acts, Extraordinary Outcomes, Participant Workbook

Fabled Service: Ordinary Acts, Extraordinary Outcomes, Participant Workbook

Bonnie Jameson, Betsy Sanders

ISBN: 978-0-883-90473-2

Mar 1996, Pfeiffer

75 pages

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Develop standard-setting customer service!

Based on the best-selling book Fabled Service by Betsy Sanders!

This program will help you develop exceptional customer service that puts your organization above your competition. Inspiring Fabled Service helps you assess your needs and select activities to improve weak areas in your current customer service.

Teach others vital customer service skills, such as how to:
* Positively represent the organization
* Satisfy customers so they will buy the product or service
* Encourage customers to return
* Understand what motivates people and initiates action
* Solve problems immediately and effectively... and more!

Simply written, this program includes all necessary materials to create results-oriented, customized customer service training. A Trainer's Guide includes specific direction for administering the Customer Service Survey, which assesses individual strengths and weaknesses in three learning areas: understanding him or herself and others; planning for results; and product/service knowledge. The Guide also includes 12 prepared activities that correspond with the three learning areas. Using results from the survey, you choose activities that will help your group improve in its weaker areas. Each activity specifies goals, materials needed, time required, physical setting, and process (including questions to help you review what was learned and help people understand what can be applied to every day situations).

You will need to order a Participant Workbook for each person involved in the training. The Workbook includes a copy of the survey and participant materials for each activity.

Create great service that gets customers talking!
A Message to the ParticipantCustomer Service SurveyParticipant Materials for Activities
Commitment: To Make Service Everything Your Company Is and Does
Commitment: To Be of Service in All That You Do
Commitment: To Act on the Belief That You Are in Business to Serve Customers
Commitment: To Serve Those Who Serve the Customer
Commitment: To Design Every Part of Your Business With Service As the Desired Outcome
Commitment: To Be in Business to Serve Society
Commitment: To Create and Sustain the Vision