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Fabrication of Long-Length and Bulk High-Temperature Superconductors



Fabrication of Long-Length and Bulk High-Temperature Superconductors

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This comprehensive volume is a good summary of the latest developments in high-temperature superconductor (HTS) research and an excellent resource for researchers and managers working in this field. The book is divided into three chapters: coated conductors; BSCCO-based conductors, MgB2 , and other HTS materials; and control of microstructure. Papers include topics such as long-length flexible wires and tapes, melt-textured YBCO materials, processing of HTS materials, the current status and potential for YBCO-based coated conductors, BSCCO-based conductors, and MgB2 based wires.

Proceedings of the symposium held at the 105th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, April 27-30, in Nashville, Tennessee; Ceramic Transactions, Volume 149.

Coated Conductors.

Solution Buffer Layers for YBCO Coated Conductors (S. Sathyamurthy, M. Paranthaman, H.-Y. Zhai, S. Kang, C. Cantoni, S. Cook, L. Heatherly, A. Goyal, H.M. Christen, Md.S. Bhuiyan and K. Salama).

Scale Up of High Performance High Temperature Superconductors (V. Selvamanickam, Y. Li, H.G. Lee, X. Xiong, Y. Qiao, J. Reeves, Y. Xie, A. Knoll and K. Lenseth).

Inclined-Substrate Pulsed Laser Deposition of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Template Film for YBCO Coated Conductors (B. Ma, M. Li, B.L. Fisher, R.E. Koritala, R.M. Baurceanu, S.E. Dorris and U. Balachandran).

Evaluating Superconducting YBCO Film Properties Using X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (P.N. Barnes, J.C. Tolliver, T.J. Haugan, S.M. Mukhopadhyay and J.T. Grant).

Development of Low-Cost Alternative Buffer Layer Architectures for YBCO Coated Conductors (M.P. Paranthaman, T. Aytug, H.Y. Zhai, H.M. Christen, D.K. Christen, A. Goyal, L. Heatherly and D.M. Kroeger).

Improvement of the Texture in AG Substrates for High Temperature Superconductor Deposition (D.M. Liu, M.L. Zhou, E.D. Li, W. Liu, Y.C. Hu, B. Zong, M. Liu and T.Y. Zuo).

Chemically Coated Buffer Layers Deposited on Rolled Ni Substrates for HTS Coated Conductors (Y.X. Zhou, S. Bhuiyan, H. Fang and K. Salama).

Development of Conductive La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Buffer Layers for Cu-Based RABiTS (T. Aytug, M.P. Paranthaman, A. Goyal, A. Gapud, N. Rutter, H.Y. Zhai and D.K. Christen).

Pulsed Laser Deposition of YBCO with Yttrium Oxide Buffer Layers (R.M. Nekkanti, P.N. Barnes, L.B. Brunke, T.J. Haugan, N.A. Yust, I. Maartense, J.P. Murphy, S. Sathiraju, J.M. Evans, J.C. Tolliver and K.R. Marken Jr.).

BSCCO-Based Conductors, MgB2 and Other HTS Materials.

High Transport Properties in Iron-Clad MgB2 Wires and Tapes (H. Fang, S. Padmanabhan, Y.X. Zhou, P.T. Putman and K. Salama).

Flux Loss Measurements of Ag-Sheathed Bi-2223 Tapes (M.-H. Jang, W. Wong-Ng, R. Shull, L.P. Cook, D. Suh and T. Ko).

Preparation of SrZrO3 Thin Films on Bi(2223) Tapes for the Reduction in AC Losses (S.-J. Lee, D.Y. Lee, Y.-S. Song and K.-H. Ye).

New Seeding Method for Texturing Y-Ba-Cu-O Bulk Superconductor: Multiple Seeded Melt Growth (Y.X. Zhou, H. Fang, K. Salama and U. Balachandran).

Control of Microstructure.

Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy of Thick YBa2Cu3O7-δ Films on RABiTS (K.J. Leonard, S. Kang, B. Kang, A. Goyal and D.M. Kroeger).

Thickness Dependence of JcS in YBCO, TL-2212 and HG-1212 Thick Films (J.Z. Wu, R. Emergo and X. Wang).

Damaged Effect in HTS Irradiated by U Fission Fragments (A. Gandini and R. Weinstein).

Effect of Y2BaCuO5 Morphology and Size in Semisolid Melt on Growth Rate of YBa2Cu3O7-x Single Crystals (O. Jongprateep and F. Dogan).

Flux Pinning and Properties of Solid-Solution (Y,Nd)1+XBa2-xCu3O7-δ Superconductors Processed in Air and Partial Oxygen Atmospheres (T.J. Haugan, J.M. Evans, J.C. Tolliver, I. Maartense, P.N. Barnes, W. Wong-Ng, L.P. Cook and R.D. Shull).

Phase Relations in the BaO-R2O3-CuOx Systems (W. Wong-Ng, L.P. Cook and J. Suh).

Studies on Nanoparticulate Inclusions in Y-123 Thin Films (S. Sathiraju, P.T. Murray, T.J. Haugan, R.M. Nekkanti, L. Brunke, I. Maartense, A.L. Campbell, J.P. Murphy, J.C. Tolliver and P.N. Barnes).