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Facebook Application Development

Facebook Application Development

Nick Gerakines

ISBN: 978-0-470-24666-5

May 2008

330 pages

Select type: Paperback

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  • The wildly popular Facebook social networking platform has published an open Application Programming Interface (API) and developers are eating it up--60,000 signed up to use it in the first few days; with this API, any programmer can create applications and new features for Facebook
  • Explores and explains the components available to programmers, including working with Facebook Markup Language (FBML), querying Facebook with FQL, application layout and flow, advanced configuration and performance tuning, and more
  • Businesses such as NBC, Yahoo!, Red Bull, Forbes, and the Washington Post are building branded applications to reach the growing Facebook community


Part I: Understanding the Facebook Platform.

Chapter 1: Facebook as a Platform.

Chapter 2: Building Your First Application.

Chapter 3: Facebook Markup Language (FBML).

Chapter 4: Advanced FBML.

Chapter 5: Using the Facebook API.

Chapter 6: Data Mining with FQL.

Chapter 7: Authentication.

Part II: Building Facebook Applications.

Chapter 8: Resources for Developers.

Chapter 9: Doing More with Hello World.

Chapter 10: External Application Development.

Chapter 11: Best Practices.

Appendix A: PHP File Reference.


"This is a classic presentation that underlines its [Wrox] quality and standing in the computing world." (The Bookseller, Friday 14th March 2008)
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