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Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, 2nd Edition



Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, 2nd Edition

Chris Treadaway, Mari Smith

ISBN: 978-1-118-23912-4 April 2012 360 Pages

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The bestselling Sybex guide to marketing on Facebook, now fully updated

As the second most-visited site on the web, Facebook offers myriad marketing opportunities and a host of new tools. This bestselling guide is now completely updated to cover all of the latest tools including Deals, sponsored stories, the Send button, and more. It explains how to develop a winning strategy, implement a campaign, measure results, and produce usable reports. Case studies, step-by-step directions, and hands-on tutorials in the popular Hour-a-Day format make this the perfect handbook for maximizing marketing efforts on Facebook.

  • This revised guide fills you in on the latest Facebook conventions, tools, and demographics, and outlines the important strategic considerations for planning a campaign
  • Takes you step by step through crafting an initial Facebook presence, developing an overall marketing strategy, setting goals, defining metrics, developing reports, and integrating your strategy with other marketing activities
  • Covers using features such as events, applications, and pay-per-click advertising
  • Includes case studies and directions for updating, monitoring, and maintaining your campaign

This popular guide is packed with up-to-date information to help you develop, implement, measure, and maintain a successful Facebook marketing program.

Introduction xvii

Chapter 1 Welcome to the Post-Social Era 1

The Humble Beginnings of Social Marketing 2

Online Services v1 3

Emergence of the World Wide Web 4

Search and the Decline of Banner Ads 5

The Rise of Google and Click-Through Ads 6

The Emergence of Social Networks 7

Emergence of Facebook 10

The Social Media Revolution Takes Over 12

The Technology Evolution 14

Novelty Gone in the Post-Social Era 16

Ubiquitous Social Context 16

Curated Social Experiences 17

Evolving Social Etiquette and Expectations 18

Shifts in Usage Patterns 19

Dramatically Increasing Business/Marketing Investment 20

Democratization of Community Management 22

Immature Yet Critically Important Legal Frameworks 24

Summary 24

Chapter 2 Understanding Social Media and Facebook 25

Social Networks, Social Media, and the Social Graph Defined 26

The Social Landscape 2012 27

Seven (Plus Two) Truths of Social Networks 31

Facebook, the Evolving Organism 35

Facebook Basics 37

Account Setup 37

Friending 38

The News Feed 40

Campaign Ideas 43

What You Want: Viral Marketing 46

Other Opportunities in Social Networking 48

Chapter 3 Marketing and Business Success on Facebook 51

Right-Brain vs Left-Brain Thinking 52

Overview of Social Marketing Metrics 54

Marketing Metrics and Your Organization 56

Defining Your Facebook Presence 56

Understanding Who Your Customers Are 57

Mapping Customer Needs to Effective Tactics 58

Your Social Media “Product” 60

What You’ll Get in Return: The Hard and Soft Benefits of Social Media 61

Specific Applications of Facebook Marketing 63

Your Facebook To-Do List 66

Set Up Campaign 67

Procure Content 67

Update Content 68

Track Metrics 68

Analyze and Revise 68

Revise: Set Up Campaign, Take Two 69

Chapter 4 Month 1: Create the Plan and Get Started 71

Week 1: Lay the Groundwork 72

Monday: Set Project Goals 72

Tuesday: Analyze Stakeholder Needs 73

Wednesday: Analyze Customer Needs 74

Thursday: Determine Work Roles 76

Friday: Set or Review Social Media Policy 77

Week 2: Draft and Present the Plan 79

Monday: Research Best Practices and Success Stories 80

Tuesday: Assess the Social Media Activity of Competitors 81

Wednesday: Assign Metrics 82

Thursday: Set Reporting Strategy 84

Friday: Present the Plan 84

Week 3: Establish a Presence with the Facebook Profile and Friends 85

Monday/Tuesday: Learn about Data in the Facebook Profile and Security Settings 86

Wednesday: Decide How You’ll Use Your Facebook Profile 89

Thursday: Set Up Your Profile and Make Friends for a Consumer Campaign 91

Friday: Repurpose a Profile for Business 95

Week 4: Use Basic Facebook Features to Promote Yourself 97

Monday: Post Status Updates 97

Tuesday/Wednesday: Share Links, Events, Photos, and Videos 100

Thursday: Install Third-Party Apps 101

Friday: Understand Other Aspects of the Facebook Platform 101

Chapter 5 Month 2: Establish Your Corporate Presence with Pages 103

Week 1: Research Pages, and Set Up Your Own 104

Monday: Observe a Successful Facebook Fan Page 104

Tuesday: Become a Fan of Successful Fan Pages 108

Wednesday: Complete the Fan Page Checklist 109

Thursday: Set Up Your Page 110

Friday: Add Design Elements 114

Week 2: Determine Your Content Strategy 115

Monday: Develop a “Product Strategy” for Content 115

Tuesday: Talk with Colleagues about the Use/Reuse of Content 116

Wednesday: Set Editorial Policy for Content 117

Thursday/Friday: Perform Your Content Audit 119

Week 3: Add and Experiment with Content 120

Monday: Publish Content to the Wall 120

Tuesday: Correct an Erroneous or Embarrassing Post 121

Wednesday: Post Videos and Photos 121

Thursday: Experiment with Content 122

Friday: Fill Your Presence with Content and People 123

Week 4: Promote and Engage 126

Monday: Promote on Facebook and the Web 126

Tuesday: Promote Offline 128

Wednesday: Follow Engagement Best Practices 129

Thursday: Build Your Page Culture 130

Friday: Spark Engagement 130

Week 5: Monitor and Modify the Plan 132

Monday/Tuesday: Reassess Your Progress 132

Wednesday: Get Help Where You Need It 133

Thursday/Friday: Produce the First Reports and Analysis on Your Progress 135

Chapter 6 Month 3: Create Demand with Facebook Advertising 137

Week 1: Learn the Basics of Facebook Advertising 138

Monday: Review Opportunities in Facebook Advertising 138

Tuesday: Choose Success Metrics 140

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: Create Your First Ads 142

Week 2: Build the Dashboard and Collect Data 149

Monday: Know What Data Can Tell You 149

Tuesday: Make Final Decisions about Your Data Reporting Cadence 150

Wednesday: Set Up and Populate the Dashboard 151

Thursday: Understand Moving Averages 152

Friday: Back Up Your Dashboard 154

Week 3: Refi ne Your Campaign Using A/B and Multivariate Testing 154

Monday: Learn the Basics of A/B and Multivariate Testing 155

Tuesday: Understand the Basics of Great Ad Copy 156

Wednesday: Create Ad Variations 161

Thursday: Judge Ad Performance 162

Friday: Educate Stakeholders on the Process 166

Week 4: Analyze and Adjust the Campaign 167

Monday: Perform Basic Analysis of a Campaign 167

Tuesday: Recalibrate Advertising 168

Wednesday: Review and Spice Up Your Dashboard 170

Thursday: Analyze Your Numbers Further with Moving Averages 170

Friday: Review Your Work with Advertising and Start Anew 173

Chapter 7 Beyond Pages: Groups, Apps, Social Plugins, and Mobile 177

Groups for Business 178

Find and Join Groups 179

Create Your Own Group 180

Facebook Default Apps 182

Third-Party Apps 184

Social Plugins 185

Create Your Own App 190

Best Practices for Apps 192

Hire a Programmer 194

Manage a Development Project 195

Monetize Your App 200

The Future: Applications on Mobile Devices 200

Facebook Mobile for Business 202

Chapter 8 The Analytics of Facebook 203

Keep Score with Metrics and Monitoring 204

Measure Your Facebook Marketing with Insights 205

New Insights 206

Old Insights 212

Insights for App Developers 213

The Importance of Derivative Statistics 214

Advanced Statistical Analysis 215

When the Standard Facebook Experience Isn’t Quite Enough: Landing Pages 226

Conduct Tests for Greater Results 227

Chapter 9 Addressing Common Marketing Problems 231

My Fan Page Won’t Grow, and My Fans Can’t See My Content 232

Creating Appropriate Content for International Audiences 236

Managing Negative Comments and Feedback 241

Can’t Measure, Determine ROI, or Understand Metrics 243

Reach Business Customers on Facebook 245

Seven Keys to Successful B2B Marketing on Facebook 246

Migrate Fans from One Page to Another 248

Moving Forward with the Migration 249

Converting Places and Profiles to Pages and Combining Them 251

Low Response Rates for Facebook Advertising 251

Chapter 10 Unique Facebook Marketing Scenarios 255

Businesses Appealing to Tourists 256

Religious Organizations 259

Government 264

Nonprofits 268

Education 272

Startups 274

Chapter 11 Facebook in the Future 277

Question 1: Walled Garden? 278

Question 2: Privacy? 280

Question 3: Personal Data? 283

Question 4: Facebook Pages? 286

Question 5: Gamification? 289

Question 6: F-Commerce? 290

Question 7: Facebook Mobile? 290

Question 8: Businesses on Facebook? 292

Question 9: Third-Party Apps? 294

Question 10: Monetizing? 296

Question 11: How to Stay #1? 297

Question 12: Coming Trends? 299

Question 13: Biggest Threat? 301

Perry Marshall’s Crystal Ball for Facebook and Social Media 304

Biographies 305

Appendix A: Recommended Resources 309

People, Blogs, and Businesses to Follow 310

Facebook Page Template, Design, and App Providers 311

Advanced Facebook Marketing Solutions 311

Facebook Contest and Promotion App Providers 311

Facebook Analytics Service Providers 311

Facebook App Development 311

Appendix B: Roles and Responsibilities 313

Job Functions 314

Vendors vs Employees 315

Use In-House Staff 316

Get Help from a Vendor or Consultant 316

Glossary 319

Index 327

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