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Facebook Marketing For Dummies, 4th Edition

Facebook Marketing For Dummies, 4th Edition

John Haydon

ISBN: 978-1-118-41326-5

May 2013

336 pages


The bestselling book updated with all of the latest features and Facebook upgrades

This latest revision covers the newest Facebook tools and techniques, including how to use the Timeline for your business page and how to take advantage of third-party apps. It will also explore the psychology of the Facebook user, explain ways to build your fan base and increase brand awareness, look at how to promote your page with events and contests, and discuss ways to monitor and measure your efforts. Real-world case studies illustrate the techniques.

  • Facebook is among the most important marketing tools for today's business or nonprofit organizations
  • This extremely popular guidebook has been fully updated to cover Facebook's new and ever-evolving tools
  • Shows how to create and administer the Timeline for your page, how to use events, contests, and polls to generate interest, ways to increase brand awareness, and how to integrate your Facebook marketing campaign with other marketing efforts
  • Introduces you to the psychology of a Facebook user, shows how third-party apps can be used with your Facebook presence, and helps you focus on tried-and-true strategies and techniques

Facebook Marketing For Dummies, 4th Edition is a must-read for businesses and nonprofits that want to succeed in today's social media environment.

Introduction  1

Part I: Getting Started with Facebook Marketing  7

Chapter 1: Marketing in the Age of Facebook 9

Chapter 2: Researching and Understanding Your Target Audience 19

Chapter 3: Developing a Facebook Marketing Plan 29

Part II: Building Your Facebook Presence  51

Chapter 4: Getting Started with a Facebook Page 53

Chapter 5: Configuring the Best Admin Settings for Your Facebook Page 75

Chapter 6: Enhancing Your Facebook Page with Applications 87

Part III: Engaging with Your Customers and Prospects on Facebook  103

Chapter 7: Creating a Remarkable Presence on Facebook with Content Marketing 105

Chapter 8: Going Public with Your Facebook Page 117

Chapter 9: Engaging with Your Fans 139

Chapter 10: Measuring Success with Facebook Insights 153

Part IV: Marketing beyond the Facebook Page 173

Chapter 11: Using Facebook Advertising to Promote Your Business 175

Chapter 12: Using Facebook Offers to Promote Your Business 211

Chapter 13: Using Facebook Groups and Events to Promote Your Business 219

Chapter 14: Cross-Promoting Your Page 239

Chapter 15: Understanding and Using Facebook Social Plug-Ins 253

Part V: The Part of Tens  277

Chapter 16: Ten Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them) 279

Chapter 17: Ten (or So) Business Etiquette Tips for Facebook 285

Chapter 18: Ten (Okay, Eight) Factors for Long-Term Facebook Marketing Success 291

Index  295

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