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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Paul Carniol (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-31846-0

Dec 2000

464 pages

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A multitude of modern techniques and new technology has altered and improved the surgeon's ability to rejuvenate a patient's appearance. A wealth of information and scientific advances in facial rejuvenation have made it possible to customize treatment according to each patient's aesthetic needs, schedules, and desires. Offering a comprehensive overview of the variety of chemical, physical, and thermal techniques, Facial Rejuvenation features all current methods for altering the texture and surface characteristics of the skin to correct scarring and improve photoaging. The amazing evolution of plastic surgery has opened the door to the various procedures currently used. Featuring contributions of surgeons from a wide range of specialties, this timely book explores the range of options that the patient has to consider. For example, a patient may now choose between several necklift and facelift operations, depending on the extent of the problems and the desired results. Various chemical peels are also available, as well as several fillers for treating soft tissue defects. When necessary, the facial skeleton can be altered to improve facial aesthetics. Resurfacing can be performed with different lasers or a bipolar radio frequency device, and lasers can be used for collagen stimulation.
These fascinating topics are just some of the subjects reviewed within this volume, which also addresses patient evaluation and new techniques such as soft tissue augmentation and Botox therapy. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists will find Facial Rejuvenation an enlightening and essential resource.
Preface (P. Carniol).



Deep-Plane Rhytidectomy (V. Quatela & P. Sabini).

The Posterior Cervical Rhytidectomy (W. Beeson).

A Graduated Approach to Neck and Facial Rejuvenation (R. Dolsky).

Endoscopic Facial Rejuvenation (N. Isse).

Facial Aesthetic Skeletal Restructuring (D. Spingola, et al.).

Applications of Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene in Facial Contouring (K. Conrad).

Softform for Facial Rejuvenation (M. Ahn, et al.).

Alloderm--Soft Tissue Filler for Facial Augmentation (T. Donat, et al.).

Carbon Dioxide Lower and Upper Lid Laser Blepharoplasty (S Baker & A. Scheiner).

Superficial Chemical Peels (D.-A. Glaser).

Medium Depth Chemical Peels (G. Monheit).

Deep Chemical Peeling: Phenol Peels (D. Mangat & J. Mendelsohn).

Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesions and Rosacea (G. Hruza & C. Ammirati).

Laser Safety in Facial Surgery (J. Gilmore, et al.).

The Role of a Pretreatment Skin Regimen for Cosmetic Laser Resurfacing (J. Hausfeld).

Overview of Laser Resurfacing (V. Lacombe & G. Keller).

One-Pass Carbon Dioxyde Laser Resurfacing (J. Ruiz-Esparza).

Laser Resurfacing Techniques and Postresurfacing Management (J. Bridenstine).

Avoiding Postlaser Resurfacing Complications (J. Ruiz-Esparza).

The Power of Combined Aesthetic Therapies: Botox and Laser Resurfacing (J. Carruthers, et al.).

Erbium Remodeling--Long-Term Wrinkle Improvement (C. Weinstein).

Laser Resurfacing in Asians (R. Pham).

Noninvasive Laser Treatment of Facial Rhytids (H. Mittelman & J. Newman).

Coblation for Facial Resurfacing (A. Carruthers).

"The text is nicely printed with...excellent illustrations... chapters are clear and concise.... Although tilted toward an audience of facial plastic surgeons, many dermatologists will find...this text interesting and well worth the effort." (Archives of Dermatology, Vol. 137, November 2001)

"I would highly recommend this book to those interested...regardless of their level of training or expertise." (Head & Neck, March 2002)