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Facilitating Client Change in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy



Facilitating Client Change in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Windy Dryden

ISBN: 978-1-897-63532-2 March 1995 164 Pages


The training material in this book is arranged in modular format. The 12 modules are: 1. Teaching the REBT view of therapeutic change. 2. Goal setting. 3. Eliciting a commitment to change. 4. Disputing beliefs: an introduction. 5. Disputing irrational beliefs: the three major arguments. 6. Socratic disputing of irrational beliefs. 7. Didactic disputing of irrational beliefs. 8. Flexibility in disputing. 9. Examples of Albert Ellis?s disputing work. 10. Helping your client to understand the rationality of his rational beliefs. 11. Negotiating homework assignments. 12. Reviewing homework assignments.
Teaching The Rebt View of Therapeutic Change.

Goal Setting, Eliciting a Committment to Change, Disputing Beliefs - an Introduction.

Disputing irrational Beliefs - The Three Major Arguments.

Socratic Disputing of irrational Beliefs, Didactic Disputing of Irrational Beliefs.

Flexibility in disputing.

Examples of Albert Ellis's Disputing Work.

Helping Your Client to understand The Rationality of his Rational Beliefs.

Negotiating Homework assignments.

Reviewing Homework Assignments.