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Faction Displayed: Reconsidering the Impeachment of Dr Henry Sacheverell

Faction Displayed: Reconsidering the Impeachment of Dr Henry Sacheverell

Mark Knights (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-36187-2

Feb 2012, Wiley-Blackwell

140 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Faction Displayed: Reconsidering the Impeachment of Dr. Henry Sacheverell features a collection of essays that examine the turbulent partisan culture during Queen Anne’s reign that ensued as a result of the 1710 parliamentary trial of English clergyman Henry Sacheverell.
  • Features several essays originating from a 2010 conference held at the Palace of Westminster to mark the tercentenary of Sacheverell’s impeachment
  • Links events in Parliament to the public that was both fascinated and enraged by them
  • Explores the nature of the public sphere and critiques Habermas’s notion of it
  • Offers a form of cultural parliamentary history and addresses the many forms of partisanship evident in the ‘rage of party’

Bibliographical Note

List of Contributors

Introduction: The View from 1710 (MARK KNIGHTS)

1. The Current State of Sacheverell Scholarship (W.A. SPECK)

2. The Spin Doctor: Sacheverell's Trial Speech and Political Performance in the Divided Society (BRIAN COWAN)

3. The ‘End of Censorship’ and the Politics of Toleration, from Locke to Sacheverell (GEOFF KEMP)

4. Sacheverell's Harlots: Non-Resistance on Paper and in Practice (EIRWEN E.C. NICHOLSON)

5. Irish Tories and Victims of Whig Persecution: Sacheverell Fever by Proxy (D.W. HAYTON)

6. Addison's Empire: Whig Conceptions of Empire in the Early 18th Century (STEVE PINCUS)

Note and Documents

7. A Non-Resisting, Passively Obedient Revolution: Lord North and Grey and the Tory Response to the Sacheverell Impeachment (DANIEL SZECHI)


Faction Displayedtrace[s] the ways in which the controversy was spun … richly documented.”   (London Review of Books, 21 August 2014)