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Failure Mechanisms in Semiconductor Devices, 2nd Edition

Failure Mechanisms in Semiconductor Devices, 2nd Edition

E. Ajith Amerasekera, Farid N. Najm

ISBN: 978-0-471-95482-8 August 1997 358 Pages


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Failure Mechanisms in Semiconductor Devices Second Edition E. Ajith Amerasekera Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, USA Farid N. Najm University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA Since the successful first edition of Failure Mechanisms in Semiconductor Devices, semiconductor technology has become increasingly important. The high complexity of today's integrated circuits has engendered a demand for greater component reliability. Reflecting the need for guaranteed performance in consumer applications, this thoroughly updated edition includes more detailed material on reliability modelling and prediction. The book analyses the main failure mechanisms in terms of cause, effects and prevention and explains the mathematics behind reliability analysis. The authors detail methodologies for the identification of failures and describe the approaches for building reliability into semiconductor devices. Their thorough yet accessible text covers the physics of failure mechanisms from the semiconductor die itself to the packaging and interconnections. Incorporating recent advances, this comprehensive survey of semiconductor reliability will be an asset to both engineers and graduate students in the field.
Reliability Mathematics.

Principal Failure Mechanisms.

Failure Mechanisms in Technologies and Circuits.

Reliability Testing.

Reliability Prediction.


Failure Analysis.

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