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Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life -- A Companion Journal

Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life -- A Companion Journal

Richard Rohr

ISBN: 978-1-118-42853-5

Jan 2013, Jossey-Bass

208 pages



A valuable new companion journal for the best-selling Falling Upward

In Falling Upward, Fr. Richard Rohr seeks to help readers understand the tasks of the two halves of life and to show them that those who have fallen, failed, or "gone down" are the only ones who understand "up." The Companion Journal helps those who have (and those who have not) read Falling Upward to engage more deeply with the questions the book raises. Using a blend of quotes, questions for individual and group reflection, stories, and suggestions for spiritual practices, it provides a wise guide for deepening the spiritual journey. . . at any time of life.

  • Explains why the second half of life can and should be full of spiritual richness
  • Offers tools for spiritual growth and greater understanding of the ideas in Falling Upward
  • Richard Rohr is a regular contributing writer for Sojourners and Tikkun magazines

This important companion to Falling Upward is an excellent tool for exploring the counterintuitive messages of how we grow spiritually.

Introduction vii

1 The Two Halves of Life 1

2 The Hero and the Heroine’s Journey 15

3 The First Half of Life 29

4 The Tragic Sense of Life 41

5 Stumbling over the Stumbling Stone 55

6 Necessary Suffering 69

7 Home and Homesickness 85

8 Amnesia and the Big Picture 101

9 A Second Simplicity 115

10 A Bright Sadness 127

11 The Shadowlands 139

12 New Problems and New Directions 153

13 Falling Upward 167

The Author 181