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Fame + Architecture

Julia Chance (Guest Editor), Torsten Schmiedeknecht (Guest Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-84229-4 March 2002 112 Pages


Fame is the lifeblood of architecture.Throughout history fame has motivated architects and their clients to build ever more ambitious schemes.In recent years, the power of the media and the force of celebrity have intensified this.Some kind of public rofile or degree of publicity has become essential to any thriving architectural practice.Fame and Architecture examines the dynamics behind the fame game in architecture, examining it from a historical perspective, its impact on education and the way in which contemporary architects negotiate it. This outstanding issue also includes interviews with world famous architects including Lord Foster of Thames Bank.
Editorial (Helen Castle).

Introduction (Julia Chance and Torsten Schmiedeknecht).

Part 1: Investigating the Relationships between Architecture and Fame.

Some Thoughts on Fame and the Institution of Architecture (David Dunster).

Fame versus Celebrity (Charles Jencks interviewed by Julia Chance).

The Architect, Conspicuousness and the Part Played by Fame (Royston Landau).

Part 2: Contemporary Architects and their Negotiation with Fame.

Functional Icons (Charles Jencks in Conversation with Lord Foster).

It is not that difficult to become famous if you really want to (Sean Griffiths of FAT in Conversation with Torsten Schmiedeknecht).

High-Tech Knights (Jeremy Melvin).

Breaking all Taboos (John Outram in Conversation with Helen Castle).

The Face of Jacques Herzog (Julia Chance.

Part 3: The Making Famous of Place through the Creation of a Building.

Fame + Ruins (Heinz Schütz).

Word of Mouth (Diller + Scofidio in Conversation with Jayne Merkel).

Life in the Afternoon (Paul Davies).

Part 4: Education and Fame.

Fame and Fortunes in Architectural Pedagogy (Jonathan Harris).

Part 5: Architecture and Fame in the Course of History.

Architecture in Vogue (Jamie Scott).

Heinrich Klotz and Postmodernism in Germany (Torsten Schmiedeknecht).

Fables of Visibility (Pierluigi Serraino).

Fame + Frank Lloyd Wright (Howard Martin).

Building Profile: The Church of Santa Maria in Marco de Canavezes (Jeremy Melvin).

Practice Profile: SHoP /
Sharples Holden Pasquarelli (Craig Kellogg).

Highlights from Wiley-Academy.

Book Review.

Site Lines.
"..fascinating book..a revealing look at the lengths some practitioners will go to..." (FX Magazine, February 2002)