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Family Mediation: Managing Conflict, Resolving Disputes , 2nd Edition

Family Mediation: Managing Conflict, Resolving Disputes , 2nd Edition

Robert Coulson

ISBN: 978-0-787-90312-1 September 1996 Jossey-Bass 192 Pages


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Details the rapidly growing field of dispute resolution

This nuts-and-bolts guide offers a blueprint for developing the skills you need to master the often complex and emotionally charged process of family mediation.

In a lively and entertaining style, Robert Coulson, former president of the American Arbitration Association and an internationally recognized expert in dispute resolution, presents exactly what training, marketing, and experience are needed to compete successfully in this rapidly growing field. The family mediation process is revealed, from the first step of persuading parties to mediate through the last details of nailing down a settlement.

Current information is provided on many legal issues, including:

* marriage and divorce
* child support
* alimony
* custody
* visitation
The Nature of Family Disputes.

Family Disputes and the Law.

Family Mediation in Action.

Divorce Mediation.

How to Become a Family Mediator.
?The practice of family mediation requires special skills and talent to effectively manage conflict. The future of the profession depAnds heavily on trained and committed practitioners. Robert Coulson's book offers a solid, clear overview of the work of a family mediator and what it takes to become one.? (Robert D. Benjamin, president, Academy of Family Mediation)

?A practical, down-to-earth guide. Present and future divorce mediators will find much helpful and sensible advice in this book.? (Frank E. A. Sander, professor, Harvard Law School)

?Fast, easy reading about the practice of family mediation.? (Marie R. Volpe, president, Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution, 1996-1997)