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Family Problems: Stress, Risk, and Resilience



Family Problems: Stress, Risk, and Resilience

Joyce A. Arditti (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-34828-4 November 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 400 Pages

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Family Problems: Stress, Risk, and Resilience presents an interdisciplinary collection of original essays that push the boundaries of family science to reflect the increasingly diverse complexity of family concerns in the modern world. 

  • Represents the most up-to-date family problem research while addressing such contemporary issues as parental incarceration, same sex marriage, health care disparities, and welfare reform
  • Features brief chapter introductions that provide context and direction to guide the student to the heart of what’s important in the piece that follows
  • Includes critical thinking questions to enhance the utility of the book for classroom use
  • Responds to family problem issues through the lens of a social justice perspective

Notes on Contributors vii

Acknowledgments xv

1 Introduction and Conceptual Overview 1
Joyce A. Arditti

Part I Social Inequality and Marginalization 15

2 We’re Here, We’re Queer, and We Count 17
Brad van Eeden-Moorefield and Kristen Benson

3 The Stigma of Families with Mental Illness 33
Natalie R. Gela and Patrick W. Corrigan

4 Inside and Out: Family Life for Parents in Prison 50
Ann Booker Loper, Mathilde Whalen, and Joanna Will

5 Social Disparities in Family Health 68
Jinette Comeau and William R. Avison

6 Low-Income Fathers as Resilient Caregivers 83
Kevin M. Roy, Rob Palkovitz, and Damian Waters

Part II Parenting and Caregiving in Diverse Contexts 99

7 “Do What You Gotta’ Do” 101
Robin L. Jarrett, Ozge Sensoy Bahar, and Ezella McPherson

8 The Diverse Family Contexts of Youth in Foster Care 117
Lenore M. McWey and Armeda Stevenson Wojciak

9 Grandparents Raising Grandchildren 133
Megan L. Dolbin-MacNab and Bert Hayslip, Jr.

10 Caring for Older Adults 150
Kathleen W. Piercy

11 Childhood Adultification and the Paradox of Parenting 167
Linda M. Burton, Donna-Marie Winn, Howard Stevenson, and Marvin McKinney

Part III Family Challenges Over the Life Course 183

12 Family Resilience to Promote Positive Child Development, Strong and Flexible Families, and Intergenerational Vitality 185
Sharon Landesman Ramey, Robin Gaines Lanzi, and Craig T. Ramey

13 Challenges and Changes: Stress and Resilience Among Military Families 200
Adrian Blow, Chris Marchiondo, and Lisa Gorman

14 Intimate Partner Violence 213
Jennifer L. Hardesty and Kimberly A. Crossman

15 Abuse in Late Life 228
Karen A. Roberto, Pamela B. Teaster, and Marya C. McPherson

16 Adolescent Development and Romantic Relationships 249
Jennifer Kerpelman, Alyssa McElwain, and Hans Saint-Eloi Cadely

Part IV Policy and Practice Responses to Family Problems 271

17 Strengthening Family Resilience 273
Anne F. Farrell, Gary L. Bowen, and Samantha A. Goodrich

18 Family Policy through a Human Rights Lens 290
Elaine A. Anderson and Bethany L. Letiecq

19 Multisystemic Therapy as a Strength-Based Model for Working with Multiproblem Families 305
Stacy R. Ryan, Phillippe B. Cunningham, Patricia A. Brennan, and Sharon L. Foster

20 Risk and Resilience among Latino Immigrant Families 320
José Rubén Parra-Cardona, Sara Lappan, Ana Rocío Escobar-Chew, and Michael Whitehead

21 Harm Reduction as a Model for Families Responding to Substance Abuse 337
Patt Denning

Part V Conclusion 355

22 Responding to Family Problems 357
Joyce A. Arditti

Index 371