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Family Theories: Foundations and Applications

Family Theories: Foundations and Applications

Katherine R. Allen, Angela C. Henderson

ISBN: 978-1-119-28127-6

Jul 2016, Wiley-Blackwell

264 pages



Family Theories: Foundations and Applications presents a comprehensive and accessible approach to the most current perspectives in the field of family theory.

  • Integrates classic and contemporary writings on family theories
  • Features compelling case studies drawn from the authors’ experiences working with thousands of students
  • Represents an integrative use of theory, research, and practice
  • Utilizes the metaphor of “developing your theory app” to translate complex academic ideas into accessible, student-friendly language

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Acknowledgments viii

About the Website ix

1 What Is Theory? 1

2 Functionalist Theory 20

3 Conflict Theory 41

4 Symbolic Interactionist Theory 61

5 Family Developmental Theory 82

6 Family Systems Theory 103

7 Social Exchange Theory 124

8 Feminist Theory 145

9 Life Course Theory 166

10 Family Ecological Theory 187

11 Family Stress and Resilience Theory 209

12 Conclusion 230

Glossary 243

Index 249