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Farewell, My Nation: The American Indian and the United States in the Nineteenth Century, 2nd Edition

Farewell, My Nation: The American Indian and the United States in the Nineteenth Century, 2nd Edition

Philip Weeks

ISBN: 978-0-882-95956-6

Sep 2000, Wiley-Blackwell

284 pages


Like its predecessor, the second edition of Philip Weeks's highly popular volume illuminates the problems caused by westward expansion in the nineteenth century, as battle after battle was fought, treaty after treaty was broken. Weeks discusses the three possible resolutions undertaken in varying degrees by the U.S. government –separation, concentration, and Americanization– as he guides the reader through the significant changes in Indian-White relations during this pivotal time.

Informed by the latest scholarship and expanded to consider the entire scope of U.S-Indian relations in the nineteenth century, the second edition of the engaging Farewell, My Nation provides important supplemental reading for the U.S history survey and essential text for courses in American Indian studies.

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Foreword VII

Preface XI

Acknowledgments XV

Introduction: Dead Dreams 1

Chapter One: The “Indian Question” 13

Arrival through the American Revolution 13

Breaching the Ohio Country 23

Tecumseh, Gradualists, and Removalists 27

Toward a Policy of Separation 34

Removing the Southern Tribes 40

Chapter Two: The Changing West 53

Fashioning the Indian Territory 54

Dashed Hopes 63

A New Solution 72

Concentration in the Indian Territory and Texas 79

Chapter Three: The Civil War Years 89

Civil War in the Indian Territory 91

The Santee Sioux Uprising 104

Colorado and Sand Creek 112

Chapter Four: The Plains Wars, Phase I: Realizing Concentration 123

Post-Civil War Indian Policy 124

Those Who Resisted Concentration 129

Olive Branch and Sword 134

The Myth of Peace 147

Chapter Five: The Plains Wars, Phase II: Enforcing Concentration 163

Grant’s “Peace Policy” 163

At the Watershed 171

The Peace That Slipped Away 180

The Last Great Struggle 188

“To Conquer a Lasting Peace” 195

Chapter Six: The Search for New Order 205

Reforms and Jurisdictional Disputes 207

Reappraising the Concentration Policy 214

Americanization: Something Old and New 225

“To Make the World Wiser and Better” 235

Aftermath: A Brief Profile of the Twentieth Century 243

Bibliographical Essay 251

Index 258


Removal of the Tribes of the South and Old Northwest 43

The Plains Indians and Western Trails 73

Great Plains, circa 1860-1875 92

Northern Great Plains, circa 1875-1890 181

Photos follow page 126