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Fast Easy Way to Learn a Language



Fast Easy Way to Learn a Language

Bill Handley

ISBN: 978-1-118-30379-5 February 2012 Wrightbooks 232 Pages


Fast, Easy Way to Learn a Language is essential reading for anyone studying a language at school, for business, travel or just for pleasure. Well-known inspirational teacher Bill Handley speaks 15 languages at various degrees of fluency. He is passionate about learning languages and believes language learning should be an adventure. In this book he explains:

  • how to have fun building your vocabulary in record time
  • the easy way to get to grips with grammar
  • why you should use more than one textbook
  • how to use your 'lost time' to learn faster
  • what to do when you feel like giving up
  • how to write your own 'survival skills' course.

Fast Easy Way to Learn a Language will have you speaking your new language in no time. The book explores all the important topics: active and passive learning, mastering a different alphabet, using recorded material, planning your own immersion program, making effective use of the internet and much more. It includes special advice for school and university students. This is the fun way to learn a language.

Preface v

Introduction vii

1 Why learn a language? 1

2 Preparation 5

3 Choosing your tools 13

4 Getting started 27

5 Make your own survival course 43

6 Learning a different alphabet or writing system 47

7 Using a dictionary 53

8 Recorded material 57

9 Vocabulary 67

10 Your plan 91

11 Using 'lost' time 103

12 Enjoy light reading 107

13 Language classes 111

14 Meeting people 115

15 Grammar 123

16 Plan your own immersion program 139

17 What if you just don’t feel like it? 145

18 Using the internet 149

19 Advice for school and university students 159

20 Language addicts 165

21 How to make a comeback 169

Afterword 171

Appendix A: Model survival course 175

Appendix B: Language websites 207