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Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of High Temperature Materials

Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of High Temperature Materials

Peter K. Liaw (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-00038-0

Feb 2001

916 pages


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Mechanisms of High-Temperature Fatigue and Fracture in Silicon Carbide Ceramics 1
D. Chen, X.F. Zhang, and R.O. Ritchie

High Frequency Fatigue Crack Propagation in the Nickel-base Superalloy KM4 at High Temperatures 9
A. Shyam, S.A. Padula, and W.W. Milligan

Fracture and Fatigue-Crack Growth Behavior in Mo-12Si-8.5B Intermetallics at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures 17
H. Choe, D. Chen, J.H Schneibel, and R.O. Ritchie

Temperature Evolution and Fatigue Damage of Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) Steels 25
B. Yang, P.K. Liaw, H. Wang, L. Jiang, J.Y. Huang, R.C. Kuo, andJ.GHuang

Effect of Frequency and Specimen Self-Heating on the Fatigue Life of Type 316 LN Stainless Steel 37
H. Tian, P.K. Liaw, D. Fielden, L. Jiang, B Yang,C.R. Brooks, D.D Bruns, M.D. Brotherton, H. Wang, J.P. Strizak, L.K. Mansur, J.R. DiStefano, K. Farrell, D.C. Lousteau, S.J. Pawel, and G.T. Yahr

An Investigation of the Effects of Temperature on Fatigue Crack Growth in Cast Lamellar™ XD Gamma Alloy 41
J. Lou, C. Mercer, and W.O. Soboyejo

An Investigation of the Effects of Loading Rate on Resistance-Curve Behavior and Toughening in Cast Lamellar XD™ Gamma Alloys 49
J. Lou, and W.O. Soboyejo

Damage Assessment of Ceramic Matrix Composites by Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques 59
J. Kim, P.K. Liaw, H Wang, and Y.T. Lee

High-Temperature Cyclic Fatigue-Crack Growth in Monolithic Ti3SiC2 Ceramics 71
K Shirato, D. Chen, M.W. Barsoum, T. El-Raghy, and R.O. Ritchie

Low-Cycle Fatigue of UltimetR Alloy 77
L. Jiang, P.K. Liaw, C.R. Brooks, J. Strader, D.L. Klarstrom, and T. Jiang

Influence of Hold Time and Temperature on Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Cobalt- Based Superalloy Haynes® 188 85
L.J. Chen, P.K. Liaw, Y.H. He, M.L. Benson, J. W. Blust, P.F. Browning, R.R. Seeley, and D.L. Klarstrom

Orientation Dependence of Directional Coarsening in a Single Crystal Nickel-Base Superalloy 95
Y.B. Xu, Y.H. Sha, J.H Zhang, andZ.Q. Hu

In-Situ TEM Observation of Crack Propagation in a Single Crystal Ni3Al 97
Y.B. Xu, Z.W.Shan, andL. Liu

Author Index 99