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Fatty Liver Disease: NASH and Related Disorders

Fatty Liver Disease: NASH and Related Disorders


Fatty Liver Diseases: NASH and Related Disorders is an unusual book: it combines a practical approach for students and physicians concerned with the problem with a clear overview on the causative mechanisms. It appeals to doctors and other health care workers who encounter this problem, as well as to pathologists and investigators interested in the field of liver disease.

It will improve your diagnostic acumen for people with abnormal liver tests, advance your knowledge about this important subject and help with your specialist or undergraduate exams, and management of a common disorder.



1 Overview: an introduction to NASH and related fatty liver disorders.

2 Pathology of hepatic steatosis, NASH and related conditions.

3 The epidemiology and risk factors of NASH.

4 Insulin resistance in NAFLD: potential mechanisms and therapies.

5 NASH as part of the metabolic (insulin resistance) syndrome.

6 NASH is a genetically determined disease.

7 The pathogenesis of NASH: human studies.

8 Animal models of steatohepatitis.

9 Fatty acid metabolism and lipotoxicity in the pathogenesis of NAFLD/NASH.

10 Cytokines and inflammatory recruitment in NASH: experimental and human studies.

11 Mitochondrial injury and NASH.

12 Cell biology of NASH: fibrosis and cell proliferation.

13 Clinical manifestations and diagnosis of NAFLD.

14 The clinical outcome of NAFLD including cryptogenic cirrhosis.

15 Practical approach to the diagnosis and management of people with fatty liver diseases.

16 Management of NASH: current and future perspectives on treatment.

17 NAFLD, NASH and orthotopic liver transplantation.

18 NAFLD/NASH is not just a ‘Western’ problem: some perspectives on NAFLD/NASH from the East.

19 NAFLD/NASH in children.

20 Steatohepatitis resulting from intestinal bypass.

21 Specific disorders associated with NAFLD.

22 Hepatocellular carcinoma in NAFLD.

23 Does NASH or NAFLD contribute to comorbidity of other liver diseases?.

24 Recent advances.


"A superb updated review of a topic of dramatically increasing importance, written by leading authorities in the field. The book is well organised and balanced with excellent homogeneity"

"A comprehensive book of invaluable help in diagnosing and managing NAFLD/NASH. Again, an outstanding source of current data concerning this epidemiologically important problem"

Digestive and Liver Disease

"Fatty Liver Disease is a state-of-the-art textbook coauthored by a number of top-notch experts and should be viewed as an invaluable contribution to the proper management of fatty liver diseases and all its coexisting conditions."

New England Journal of Medicine, 353;20 November 2005

  • Comprises comprehensive up-to-date information about a common disorder seen in general and specialist practice
  • Unites clinical aspects with basic knowledge about the disease process
  • Includes essential tabulated information, 3-5 key learning point summaries per chapter and high quality illustrations (including photomicrographs) to reinforce major points and allow rapid browsing of content
  • Contains contributions from individual authors with a world-wide reputation in hepatology in general and in this field in particular
  • Each chapter is preceded by an abstract and concludes with a summary statement that points to future directions