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Feedback in Performance Reviews

Feedback in Performance Reviews

E. Wayne Hart

ISBN: 978-1-604-91114-5

Jul 2013, Pfeiffer

32 pages

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Performance reviews vary from one organization to the next. This guidebook will help you understand how to use feedback in whatever performance review context you find yourself. It explains three feedback principles and four different types of feedback. It will help you understand when to use the different types of feedback and how to frame a complete feedback message, making it more likely that your feedback will be well received. The rest is practice.
7 Feedback Gone Awry

8 Reviewing Performance Reviews

10 The Role of Feedback in a Review

11 How It's Done

15 A Closer Look at Authoritative Feedback

18 A Closer Look at Impact Feedback

21 Comparing Authoritative and Impact Feedback

22 When to Use Authoritative and Impact Feedback

25 Framework for a Feedback Message

27 Feedback Follow-Up

30 Suggested Readings

31 Background

31 Key Point Summary