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Feminist Geography in Practice: Research and Methods

Feminist Geography in Practice: Research and Methods

Pamela Moss (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-22019-0

Feb 2002, Wiley-Blackwell

288 pages


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This is the first feminist geography text devoted to methodology and provides a basic framework for students wishing to undertake gendered work in the discipline

List of Figures and Tables.

Notes on Contributors.

1. Taking on, Thinking about, and Doing Feminist Research in Geography. (Pamela Moss).

Part I: Taking on Feminist Research.

Defining Feminism?: Feminist Pedagogy Working Group.

Short 1. Being Feminist in Geography - Feminist Geography in the German-Speaking Academy: History of a Movement. (Elisabeth Baschlind).

2. Making Space for Personal Journeys. (Mary Gilmartin).

3. Feminist Epistemology in Geography. (Meghan Cope).

4. The Difference Feminism Makes: Researching Unemployed Women in an Australian Region. (Louise C. Johnson).

Study Material for Taking on Feminist Research: Feminist Pedagogy Working Group.

Part II: Thinking about Feminist Research.

Delimiting Language?: Feminist Pedagogy Working Group.

Short 2. Putting Feminist Geography into Practice - Gender, Place and Culture: Paradoxical Spaces?. (Liz Bondi).

5. Paradoxical Space: Geography, Men, and Duppy Feminism. (David Butz and Lawrence D. Berg).

6. Toward a More Fully Reflexive Feminist Geography. (Karen Falconer Al-Hindi and Hope Kawabata).

7. People Like Us: Negotiating Sameness and Difference in the Research Process. (Gill Valentine).

Study Material for Thinking About Feminist Research: Feminist Pedagogy Working Group.

Part III: Doing Feminist Research.

Decentering Authority!: Feminist Pedagogy Working Group.

Short 3. Doing Geography as a Feminist - Reconsidering Success and Failure in Feminist Research. (Maureen G. Reed).

8. Doing Feminist Fieldwork about Geography Fieldwork. (Karen Nairn).

9. Quantitative Methods and Feminist Geographic Research. (Mei-Po Kwan).

10. Borderlands in Feminist Ethnography. (Joan Marshall).

11. Negotiating Positionings: Exchanging Life Stories in Research Interviews. (Deirdre McKay).

12. Interviewing Elites: Cautionary Tales about Researching Women Magazines in Canada's Banking Industry. (Kim V. L. England).

13. Studying Immigrants in Focus Groups. (Geraldine Pratt).

Study Material for Doing Feminist Research: Feminist Pedagogy Working Group.

14. Further Notes on Feminist Research: Embodied Knowledge in Place. (Isabel Dyck).



"Feminist Geography in Practice offers a fast-paced field guide to feminist research in Geography…. One of the key contributions of this book is that it develops and demonstrates the understanding that feminist research always takes place at the intersection of the personal, the political, and the academic…. This is a timely textbook that represents the maturing of a field. It will be invaluable for courses in research methodology and in feminist geography, and it should be mandatory reading for students and practitioners who are undertaking – or want to undertake – research that is explicitly feminist." – Professor Joni Seager, The University of Vermont

  • The first methodology text for feminist geography

  • Provides a wide range of suggestions for practising feminist geography

  • Reviews feminist methodological work to date

  • Pedagogical material has been developed with students in the classroom

  • International contributors from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, the UK and USA