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Feminist Philosophy

Feminist Philosophy

Claudia Card

ISBN: 978-1-405-12373-0

Jul 2019, Wiley-Blackwell

192 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Feminist theory has cut across many disciplines, and has made especially strong inroads into philosophy; likewise, philosophers have had a large impact on feminist theory. At the same time, the terrain can be a bewildering tangle for those new to the subject. Covering both the broad concerns of feminism, and core topics as feminist theory has been taken up in philosophy (and philosophically inclined courses in women's studies programs), this introduction is intended to provide the basic conceptual tools needed by anyone new to feminism and its core ideas and arguments. As written by internationally renowned philosopher and feminist, Claudia Card, the presentation is bound to be engaging, sharp, and well reasoned. Readers will benefit not only from her lucid prose and thorough coverage, but from the knowledge that they are receiving a solid introduction to the area from one of its best practitioners.