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Femtochemistry: With the Nobel Lecture of A. Zewail

Femtochemistry: With the Nobel Lecture of A. Zewail

Frans C. De Schryver (Editor), Steven De Feyter (Editor), Gerd Schweitzer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60018-2

Oct 2001

460 pages

Select type: O-Book


For decades now, chemists have been dreaming of observing exactly what happens at the molecular level during a chemical reaction. The breakthrough came at the end of the 80s with the development of special spectrometers that use extremely short-pulsed laser light and so enable measurements in the femtosecond range. Since then, "femtochemistry" has made rapid progress, due to intensive collaboration between physical chemists, spectroscopists, photochemists and physicists.

The first-class contributions collected here from top international femtochemists provide a comprehensive insight into this area of interdisciplinary research. The range extends from femtochemistry in nanohollows to the investigation of the dynamics of biological reactions in the femtosecond range, from ab initio approaches to quantum chemical reaction controls to two-dimensional, nonlinear optical spectroscopy in liquids. This overview of the current level of research is rounded off with A. Zewail's Nobel prizewinning lecture. The vast amount of information and numerous references make this not only an ideal introduction to the research, but also recommended reading for everyone concerned with this hot topic.
Nobel Lecture
Excited States Dynamics of Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers
Solvation Effects on Reaction Dynamics
The Coherent Medium response to an Impulsive Charge Redistribution
Femtosecond Three-pulse Four-wave Mixing: Characterization and Control of Intramolecular Dynamics
Femtosecond Dynamics at Conical Intersections
Femtochemistry in Nanocavities
The Perturbation of Coherent Wave-Packet Motion in Molecules by Atomic Collisions
Photoelectron Spectroscopy as a Probe to Investigate Chemical Dynamics
Femtosecond Studies of Intramolecular Twisting of Fluorescent Chromophores in the Condensed Phase
Transition States and Reaction Dynamics-An Overview
Sub SF Real Time Spectroscopy in Molecules and Polymers
Noncoherent Versus Coherent Laser Control of the Photochemical Reactions
An Ab Initio Approach to Quantum Control of Isomerization Reactions: Proton Transfer, and Selective Preparation of Enantiomers
Femtosecond Spectroscopy, Photochemistry, and Morphological Dynamics of Organic Microcrystals
Femtosecond Energy-and Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer (ESIPT) and Energy Relaxation Processes in Hydroxyphenylbenzotriazole Derivatives: A Femtosecond Laser Study
Ultrafast Electron Transfer Dynamics in Aromatic Vinyl Polymers
Femtosecond Chemical Events of Hydrogen-bonding in the Condensed Phase
Vibrational Coherence in Electron Donor-Acceptor Complexes. Assignment of the Oscillary Mode
Connecting Ultrafast Flutuations of Reactivity in Proteins
Femtosecond Dynamics of Condensed-Phase and Biological Processes
Two-dimensional Optical Nonlinear Spectroscopy in Liquids
Energy Transfer in the Photosynthetic Light-Harvesting Antenna Studied by Femtosecond Non-linear Spectroscopy
Metal clusters: Model Systems for Coherent Control