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Fiber Optics Installer (FOI) Certification Exam Guide



Fiber Optics Installer (FOI) Certification Exam Guide

Bill Woodward

ISBN: 978-1-119-01151-4 November 2014 648 Pages

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Pass the FOI exam with a strong foundation in fiber optic technology

Fiber Optics Installer (FOI) Certification Exam Guide gives you a solid foundation in fiber optics and thorough preparation for the Fiber Optics Installer (FOI) certification. Endorsed by the Electronics Technicians Association, International, this guide serves as both a comprehensive self-study course and a useful desk reference for aspiring fiber optics installers. Coverage includes the basic principles of light, optical fiber construction, safety, fusion, mechanical splicing, connectors, fiber-optic light sources, transmitters, detectors, test equipment, and more. Each chapter meets or exceeds the ETA FOI knowledge competency, with key exam information highlighted for easy reference. Real-world scenarios illustrate how particular solutions are applied in common working environments, giving you a clear understanding of to use the tactics in the field. Chapter exercises and review questions offer plenty of opportunity for practice.

This book helps you prepare for certification, and more importantly, the everyday work the job entails.

  • Determine how much you already know with a pre-study assessment
  • Find key exam information and terms quickly with chapter-by-chapter objectives
  • Study real-world scenarios to understand how concepts are applied
  • Pinpoint weak areas with practice and review questions that test your knowledge

If you are seeking a strong knowledge base — and complete exam prep — you will find Fiber Optics Installer (FOI) Certification Exam Guide to be a critically useful reference.

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Introduction xxvii

Assessment Test xxxii

Chapter 1 History of Fiber Optics and Broadband Access 1

Evolution of Light in Communication 2

Evolution of Optical Fiber Manufacturing Technology 4

Evolution of Optical Fiber Integration and Application 7

Broadband since the Turn of the Century 8

Summary 10

Exam Essentials 11

Review Questions 12

Chapter Exercises 13

Chapter 2 Principles of Fiber-Optic Transmission 15

The Fiber-Optic Link 16

Decibels (dB) 19

Absolute Power 25

Summary 28

Exam Essentials 28

Review Questions 29

Chapter Exercises 31

Chapter 3 Basic Principles of Light 33

Light as Electromagnetic Energy 34

The Electromagnetic Spectrum 38

Refraction 41

Total Internal Reflection 45

Fresnel Reflections 48

Summary 49

Exam Essentials 50

Review Questions 51

Chapter Exercises 54

Chapter 4 Optical Fiber Construction and Theory 57

Optical Fiber Components 58

Tensile Strength 65

Manufacturing Optical Fiber 65

Mode 69

Refractive Index Profiles 71

Summary 75

Exam Essentials 76

Review Questions 77

Chapter Exercises 80

Chapter 5 Optical Fiber Characteristics 83

It All Adds Up 85

Dispersion 86

Attenuation 95

Bending Losses 98

Numerical Aperture 102

Equilibrium Mode Distribution 104

Fiber Specifications and Standards 105

Summary 118

Exam Essentials 118

Review Questions 119

Chapter Exercises 123

Chapter 6 Safety 127

Basic Safety 128

Light Sources 130

Handling Fiber 137

Chemicals 139

Site Safety 141

Emergencies 143

Summary 144

Exam Essentials 144

Review Questions 146

Chapter Exercises 148

Chapter 7 Fiber-Optic Cables 149

Basic Cable 151

Cable Components 153

Cable Types 161

Cable Duty Specifications 171

Cable Termination Methods 172

Blown Fiber 174

NEC Provisions for Fiber-Optic Cables and Raceways 174

Cable Markings and Codes 178

Bend Radius Specifications 183

Summary 183

Exam Essentials 183

Review Questions 185

Chapter Exercises 189

Chapter 8 Splicing 193

Why Splice? 194

Splicing Safety 203

Splicing Equipment 208

Splicing Procedures 220

Splice Performance Requirements 236

Summary 238

Exam Essentials 238

Review Questions 239

Chapter Exercises 241

Chapter 9 Connectors 243

The Fiber-Optic Connector 245

Connection Performance 253

Connector Types 267

Connector Termination 281

Cleaning and Inspection 305

Summary 326

Exam Essentials 326

Review Questions 328

Chapter Exercises 332

Chapter 10 Fiber-Optic Light Sources and Transmitters 335

Semiconductor Light Sources 336

Light Source Performance Characteristics 339

Transmitter Performance Characteristics 348

Higher Power Transmitters 362

Light Source Safety 363

Summary 364

Exam Essentials 365

Review Questions 366

Chapter Exercises 369

Chapter 11 Fiber-Optic Detectors and Receivers 373

Photodiode Fundamentals 374

Other Types of Photodiode 375

Photodiode Responsivity, Efficiency, and Speed 377

Fiber-Optic Receiver 378

Receiver Optical Performance Characteristics 381

Optical Attenuators 381

Summary 383

Exam Essentials 383

Review Questions 384

Chapter Exercises 385

Chapter 12 Cable Installation and Hardware 387

Installation Specifications 389

Installation Hardware 395

Installation Methods 404

Fire Resistance Bonding and Grounding 412

Hardware Management 415

Labeling Requirements and Documentation 417

Polarity 421

Electrical Codes 424

Summary 425

Exam Essentials 426

Review Questions 427

Chapter Exercises 430

Chapter 13 Fiber-Optic System Advantages 433

The Advantages of Optical Fiber over Copper 434

Summary 446

Exam Essentials 446

Review Questions 448

Chapter Exercises 449

Chapter 14 Test Equipment and Link/Cable Testing 453

Calibration Requirements 454

Continuity Tester 455

Visual Fault Locator 459

Fiber Identifier 463

Inline Optical Power Monitoring 466

Optical Return Loss Test Set 469

Stabilized Light Source and Optical Power Meter 470

Patch Cord 475

Test Jumper 475

Launch Conditions, Mode Filters, and Encircled Flux 477

ANSI/TIA-526-14 Optical Loss Measurement Methods 480

Patch Cord Optical Power Loss Measurement 485

Connector Insertion Loss Measurement 486

Link Segment and Cabling Subsystem Performance Measurements 487

Tier 1 Testing 488

Tier 2 Testing 489

Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer 490

Emerging Testing Standards 511

Summary 512

Exam Essentials 512

Review Questions 514

Chapter Exercises 515

Appendix Answers to Review Questions 519

Glossary 535

Index 569