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Field Theory of Guided Waves, 2nd Edition

Field Theory of Guided Waves, 2nd Edition

Robert E. Collin

ISBN: 978-0-879-42237-0

Dec 1990

864 pages

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""Co-published with Oxford University Press Long considered the most comprehensive account of electromagnetic theory and analytical methods for solving waveguide and cavity problems, this new Second Edition has been completely revised and thoroughly updated -- approximately 40% new material!Packed with examples and applications FIELD THEORY OF GUIDED WAVES provides solutions to a large number of practical structures of current interest. The book includes an exceptionally complete discussion of scalar and Dyadic Green functions. Both a valuable review and source of basic information on applied mathematical topics and a hands-on source for solution methods and techniques, this book belongs on the desk of all engineers working in microwave and antenna systems!""

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IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society

Basic Electromagnetic Theory.

Green's Functions.

Transverse Electromagnetic Waves.

Transmission Lines.

Waveguides and Cavities.

Inhomogeneously Filled Waveguides and Dielectric Resonators.

Excitation of Waveguides and Cavities.

Variational Methods for Waveguide Discontinuities.

Periodic Structures.

Integral Transform and Function-Theoretic Techniques.

Surface Waveguides.

Artificial Dielectrics.

Mathematical Appendix.

Name Index.

Subject Index.

About the Author.