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Fielding Transnationalism

Fielding Transnationalism

Julian Go, Monika Krause

ISBN: 978-1-119-23787-7

Apr 2016, Wiley-Blackwell

248 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Fielding Transnationalism presents a collection of original essays that explore the promises of the theory of social fields, a concept advanced most prominently by Pierre Bourdieu, for the analysis of global relations.

  • Features contributions from leading experts who scrutinize how transnational relationships in different areas are shaped by field dynamics
  • Draws on case studies ranging from the fields of religion, journalism, human rights, the social sciences, imperial governance, and the arts to the European Central Bank
  • Combines theoretical discussion with empirical approaches to provide an essential teaching resource on global issues
  • Offers a conceptual toolkit for researchers concerned with international and transnational phenomena across the social sciences

Fielding transnationalism: an introduction (Julian Go and Monika Krause)

1. What is a global field? Theorizing fields beyond the nation-state (Larissa Buchholz)

2. Moral accounting as field foundation in an early modern empire: the English East India Company in the late eighteenth century (Nicholas Hoover Wilson)

3. For good and country: nationalism and the diffusion of humanitarianism in the late nineteenth century (Shai M. Dromi)

4. Social fields, subfields and social spaces at the scale of empires: explaining the colonial state and colonial sociology (George Steinmetz)

5. Taken in by the numbers game: the globalization of a religious ‘illusio’ and ‘doxa’ in nineteenth-century evangelical missions to India (Martin Petzke)

6. Fielding supranationalism: the European Central Bank as a field effect (Stephanie L. Mudge and Antoine Vauchez)

7. The lawyers’ war: states and human rights in a transnational field (Lisa Stampnitzky)

8. ‘Western hegemony’ in the social sciences: fields and model systems (Monika Krause)

9. Is journalism a transnational field? Asymmetrical relations and symbolic domination in online news (Angéle Christin)

Notes on contributors