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Fighting Computer Crime: A New Framework for Protecting Information

Fighting Computer Crime: A New Framework for Protecting Information

Donn B. Parker

ISBN: 978-0-471-16378-7

Sep 1998

528 pages

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Who are the cybercriminals and what can we do to stop them? From the #1 cybercrime expert, a revolutionary new approach to . Fighting Computer Crime A top computer crime expert explains why current computer security methods fall dangerously short of the mark and what we can do to fix them. Based on his 30 years as a cybercrime fighter, during which he interviewed more than 200 perpetrators and their victims, Donn B. Parker provides valuable technical insight about the means cybercriminals employ, as well as penetrating psychological insights into their criminal behavior and motivations. Using many riveting real-life crime stories to illustrate his points, he reveals:
* Who your greatest security threats really are (be prepared for some surprises!)
* Why employees undergoing divorce can be your organization's greatest computer security risk
* How to overcome cyberterrorists who will employ any high-tech or low-tech means necessary to crash your systems.
* Effective countermeasures for each threat covered in the book
* How to neutralize even the most powerful cybercrime scheme attempts
* Why and how the incorrect, incomplete, inarticulate security folk art must be revitalized
The Myth of Information Security.

What Are We Protecting?

The Rise of Cybercrime.

Computer Abuse and Misuse.

Network Abuse and Misuse.

Cyberspace Abusers and Misusers.

The Disastrous Hacker Culture.

The Artisans of Information Security.

The Current Foundation for Information Security.

A New Framework for Information Security.

Information Security Assessments.

How to Conduct a Baseline Security Assessment.

Good and Bad Control Objectives.

Tactics for Effective Information Security.

Strategies for Effective Information Security.

Organizing for Security.

Doing It Right and Preparing for the Next Millennium.