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Fighting Fraud and Corruption: Guidelines and Best Practices for Building an Effective Compliance Program

Fighting Fraud and Corruption: Guidelines and Best Practices for Building an Effective Compliance Program

Ryan C. Hubbs

ISBN: 978-1-119-08530-0

May 2017

336 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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A practical manual for compliance program design and implementation

Fighting Fraud and Corruption is a one-stop resource for the design and execution of an effective compliance program. Stop combing through the myriad regulatory guidelines to translate vague expectations into a compliance outline—it's all here. Written from an auditor and investigator's perspective, this book compiles the specific examples, ideas, and best practices scattered across the literature into a single reference. You'll find solutions and actionable steps for enhancing your existing program or developing one from scratch, alongside clear interpretations of regulatory compliance expectations. All guidelines are translated into actual processes, procedures, and practices that you can implement right away, and examples of specific compliance components illustrate and streamline successful execution. Globally relevant, the discussion includes source material guidelines and information from the UK Bribery Act, United Nations, World Bank, OECD, and other international anti-corruption bodies.

Having a good "tone at the top" is a criterion for an effective compliance program, but what does it mean? This book is packed with interpretations and actionable guidance to help you build a more robust compliance strategy.

  • Learn what an "effective compliance program" entails
  • Enhance or improve your current compliance strategies and practices
  • Understand the regulatory expectations surrounding compliance
  • Implement components from successful programs in your own organization

The compliance landscape is rapidly changing, with new international laws, expectations, and standards being implemented on a near continuous basis. Organizations are under increasing pressure to design, implement, and maintain an effective compliance program, but regulatory examples are minimal. Fighting Fraud and Corruption fills the need for practical guidance with expert insight and ready-to-implement procedures.