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FileMaker Pro 9 Bible

FileMaker Pro 9 Bible

Ray Cologon, Dennis R. Cohen (With)

ISBN: 978-0-470-17743-3

Mar 2008

768 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Refocused and completely rewritten with the needs of business users and FileMaker Pro developers in mind, FileMaker Pro 9 Bible shows you how to design an industrial-strength database, make it intuitive, and automate it with scripts and programming. From the fundamentals to data modeling to writing no-fail code, you'll find the clear, step-by-step procedures, solid techniques, and detailed explanations you need to master this powerful software and build the right solutions for your needs.


Part I: The Fundamentals.

Chapter 1: Databases: The What, Why, and How.

Chapter 2: Putting FileMaker Pro in Perspective.

Chapter 3: Getting Acquainted with FileMaker.

Chapter 4: What’s New in FileMaker 9.

Part II: Introduction to Database Design.

Chapter 5: Creating a Database.

Chapter 6: The Interface: Layout Mode.

Chapter 7: The Structure: The Manage Database Dialog.

Chapter 8: The Processes: ScriptMaker.

Part III: Beyond the Basics.

Chapter 9: The FileMaker Power User.

Chapter 10: Building Advanced Interfaces.

Chapter 11: Data Modeling in FileMaker.

Chapter 12: Calculation Wizardry.

Chapter 13: Scripting in Depth.

Part IV: Integrity and Security.

Chapter 14: In Control with FileMaker Security.

Chapter 15: Maintaining Referential Integrity.

Chapter 16: Making FileMaker Systems Fail-Safe.

Chapter 17: Maintaining and Restoring Data.

Part V: Raising the Bar.

Chapter 18: FileMaker Pro Advanced Features.

Chapter 19: Efficient Code, Efficient Solutions.

Chapter 20: Extending FileMaker’s Capabilities.

Part VI: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Glossary.

Appendix B: Expanding Your Knowledge with Additional Resources.

Appendix C: About the Web Site.


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