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Finance: A Fine Art

Michel Fleuriet

ISBN: 978-0-470-85914-8 July 2003 298 Pages


The financial markets play a crucial role in contemporary society. They can change the lives of whole communities for better or worse and form an essential part of the overall economy. Yet their intermediaries are frequently criticised for misuse of the power that they wield. In this defence of the markets Michel Fleuriet draws on his many years experience in the field to span history and contemporary culture, addressing the market practitioner's raison d'être, his/her wider role, the skills required and the techniques employed. This is a thought-provoking and informative work for all those working in the financial markets, intending to enter them or with an interest in the wider economy.
* Draws on the extensive experience of the author - a highly respected name within financial circles.
* A synthesis of the author's life time experience within the financial markets.
* A seminal work addressing key questions of the philosophical and conceptual background to the financial market.
* A controversial and thought-provoking work that every practitioner should read.
Foreword by Sheldon Gordon.

The marketplace.

The mechanics of financial markets.


The future is the field of play.

The price of stocks.

The derivatives markets.

My word is my bond.

The issuers of financial instruments.

The investors.



“…something of a must…this one looks a good read…it has practical advice for new investors, and perhaps for disillusioned ones…” ( 10 March 2003)