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Financial Accounting in an Economic Context, 10th Edition

Financial Accounting in an Economic Context, 10th Edition

Jamie Pratt, Michael F. Peters

ISBN: 978-1-119-30616-0

Dec 2016

800 pages

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Financial Accounting, 10th Edition, by Jamie Pratt and Michael Peters, provides students with a clear understanding of financial accounting by framing accounting processes in the context of real world business practices. It builds solid foundations in the mechanics of preparing the financial statements and the theories underlying the accounting measures of performance so that students can clearly understand the economic consequences associated with financial accounting choices. Pratt & Peters Financial Accounting explores key themes of measurement, decision-making, and economic factors.

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1. Financial Accounting and its Economic Context

2. A Closer Look at the Financial Statements

3. The Measurement Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

4. The Mechanics of Financial Accounting

5. Using Financial Statement Information

6. The Current Asset Classification, Cash, and Accounts Receivable

7. Merchandise Inventory

8. Investments in Equity Securities

9. Long-Lived Assets

10. Introduction to Liabilities: Economic Consequences, Current Liabilities, and Contingencies

11. Long-Term Liabilities: Notes, Bonds, and Leases

12. Stockholders’ Equity

13. The Complete Income Statement

14. The Statement of Cash Flows

  • NEW Four-color text design
  • NEW Chapter 2 Context - Chapter 2 was rewritten around a scenerio that derives the nature of financial statements from the perspective of an entrepreneur trying to raise capital to start a new business. Other chapters were modified to furthur develop the idea that financial statements should be viewed as a package, not as individual statements.
  • NEW Learning-Objective Driven Modules - Each chapter now opens with a chapter outline that identifies a set of learning objectives for the chapter.
  • NEW Concept Proactice Problems and Solutions - Each learning objective in each chapter concludes with a review problem and accompanying solution
  • NEW Lecture Videos - Students now have access to mini-lecture videos created by author Jamie Pratt, based on the chapter material as well as lectures and class sessions that are linked to the learning objectives of the chapter
  • NEW Solution walk through videos walk students step-by-step through solutions to homework problems. These engaging videos are based on problems that are "similiar to" the problems students will find in their homework assignments. 
  • Excerpts from business Publications and Professional Journals - Updated to reflect the most recent developments, over 10,000 references from various business publications (WSJ, Forbes) are integrated throughout the text.
  • Up-to-date real world company examples and questions as well as all IFRS discussions and questions have been thoroughly updated.
  • Other updated hallmark features include: ethics vignettes, industry data, SEC Form 10-K practice opportunities.