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Financial Futures Primer

Financial Futures Primer

Robert W. Kolb

ISBN: 978-1-577-18070-8

Oct 1997

320 pages

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The Financial Futures Primer provides the reader with an introduction to the futures markets in general and financial futures in particular.
1. Futures Markets.

2. Futures Prices.

3. Using Futures Markets.

4. Interest Rate Futures: Introduction.

5. Interest Rate Futures: Refinements.

6. Stock Index Futures: Introduction.

7. Stock Index Futures: Refinements.

8. Foreign Currency Futures.

* Brief, yet comprehensive introduction to complex topics surrounding futures.
* All Futures contracts approached by a common pricing framework--the proposition that rational process preclude arbitrage profits.
* Mathematical demands upon the reader are minimal--uncomplicated, yet applied explanation provided for each topic.
* Emphasis placed on use of financial futures in risk management. Application examples focus on management of pre-existing risk.
* Begins discussion of financial futures and analysis of pricing with a tangible good--gold--that behaves and is priced like a financial future, but has no complicating cash flows, before proceeding to an extended coverage of financial futures.