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Financial Management, 2nd Edition

Financial Management, 2nd Edition

Robert W. Kolb, Ricardo J. Rodriguez

ISBN: 978-1-557-86844-2

May 1996

470 pages

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Intended for an introduction or intermeduate course in corporate finance, Financial Management stresses a finance function orientation over the more traditional accounting orientation. Consistent with this approach, the text focuses on two main ideas: maximising shareholder wealth as the goal of financial management, and the persistent trade-offs confronting financial managers as they attempt to reach that goal.
1. Financial Management and the Business Environment.

2. The Time Value of Money.

3. The Time Value of a Series of Payments.

4. Bond Valuation.

5. Stock Valuation.

6. Capital Budgeting Techniques.

7. Special Problems in Capital Budgeting.

8. Risk and Required Rate of Return.

9. The Market Price of Risk.

10. Leverage and Risk.

11. Capital Structure.

12. Divident Policy.

13. Sources of Long-Term Financing.

14. Inventory and Cash Management.

15. Accounts Receivable Management.

16. Short-Term Financing.

17. Financial Analysis.

18. Financial Planning.

19. The Efficient Market Hypothesis.

20. Lensing.

21. Option Valuation.

22. Mergers and Acquisitions.

23. International Financial Management.



Supplementary Material Download
* Includes STUDY!, a computerized study guide that includes a bank of multiple choice questions covering all of the essential conceptual issues in the text.

* Includes supplementary materials such as, Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, Computerized Test Bank, and Trasparency Masters.

* Illustrates modern finance concepts in a clear manner with many numerical examples.

* Includes end of chapter problems.