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Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Jo Ann Hankin, Alan Seidner, John Zietlow

ISBN: 978-0-471-16842-3

Apr 1998

624 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This cash management and investment handbook for nonprofit managers helps managers from diverse backgrounds learn to manage their organization's money. It examines traditional treasury functions including banking and cash flow and explores investment management and strategies for managing excess cash, endowment, and long-term (planned) gifts. It also examines financial management strategies that impact cash flow, including borrowing, risk management, benchmarking, and long-term planning. Addresses the needs of all types and sizes of organizations, from small religious groups and community social service agencies to major cultural institutions and colleges and universities. Includes a diskette with spreadsheet solutions to common financial management problems, such as interest rate calculations, basic yield calculations, financial rations and more.
Understanding Nonprofit Organizations.

Using Financial Management to Accomplish Your Mission.

Finanical Roles and Responsibilities.

Long-Range Financial Planning and Strategy.

Developing and Managing a Financial Plan.

Financial Reports.

Technology Tools-Managing Information.

Types and Sources of Funding for Your Program.

Cash Management and Banking Relations.

Managing Your Organization's Liabilities.

Investment Policy and Guidelines.

Investing Principles, Procedures, and Operations for Short-Term and Long-Term Endowment.

Fixed-Income Securities Portfolio Management and Investment Operations.

Safeguarding the Organization's Assets, People, and Property: Risk Management and Audit.

Financial Policy-Internal and External.

Evaluating Your Progress.