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Financial Risk Management: Domestic and International Dimensions

Financial Risk Management: Domestic and International Dimensions

Philippe Jorian, Sarkis Joseph Khoury

ISBN: 978-1-557-86591-5

Aug 1995

380 pages

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Comprehensively integrating the most important issues in financial risk management, this text clearly presents the latest techniques and strategies in domestic and international investment management.
All the chapters represent in-depth reviews of the latest research, providing an ideal text for advanced undergraduate and MBA students who use quantitative techniques for investment and portfolio management.

1. Introduction: The Nature of Financial Risk.

2. The Fixed Income Markets: Nature and Dynamics.

3. Interest Risk Management: Hedging Assets and Liabilities.

4. The Foreign Exchange Markets: Nature and Dynamics.

5. Currency Risk Management: Hedging and Speculating with Options and Futures.

6. Portfolio Risk Management: Domestic Dimensions.

7. Portfolio Risk Management: International Dimensions.

8. The Search for Higher Returns: Anomalies.