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Find Your Lightbulb: How to make millions from apparently impossible ideas

Find Your Lightbulb: How to make millions from apparently impossible ideas

Mike Harris

ISBN: 978-1-907-29354-2

Feb 2010, Capstone

272 pages



Would you love to start your own business but feel daunted by the slim odds of success? Do you dream about making millions but simply don't know where to start? Find Your Lightbulb answers all these questions, helping you to harness your ability to make millions from nothing more than a simple idea. You don't need to be superhuman, you don't need to have funds in the bank - you don't even need to have an amazing idea in order to get started.

Serial entrepreneur Mike Harris shows you that all it takes is enthusiasm, commitment and a willingness to learn. And Mike should know - he's spent the past 20 years creating successful businesses from apparently impossible ideas - ideas which everyone told him would never work. With invaluable business advice and case studies from entrepreneurs and innovators on both sides of the Atlantic, this make-it-happen manual will help you fix the odds of success firmly in your favour.



1 Living the dream.

2 Star in your own soap opera.

3 Critics who count.

4 Making million-pound ideas.

5 Find funding.

6 Know your ends from your means.

7 Brand and reputation matters.

8 Creating a powerful culture.

9 Leadership and the edge of reason.

10 The smart risks principle.

11 Hot teams.

12 Powerful stuff: the principles in action.