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Find the Right Property, Buy at the Right Price


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Find the Right Property, Buy at the Right Price

Melissa Opie

ISBN: 978-1-118-18802-6 June 2012 Wrightbooks 216 Pages


The essential guide to buying the perfect investment property

Interest in buying property is at an all time high. But while everyone’s talking about it, the number of people actually doing it isn’t escalating at the same rate. The reason is simple: would-be buyers are being held back by fears that they’ll choose the wrong property, and pay too much for it, too. Find the Right Property, Buy at the Right Price is here to help, putting author Melissa Opie’s 25-year history in real estate at your fingertips so that you can be certain you’re making the right decision.

Part of the reason buyers are so worried about making a bad deal is that the market moves so fast and ‘current’ information dates quickly. Every quarter, newspapers all over Australia print median house prices, indicating which areas have gone up and by how much. But there’s so much more information a buyer needs to feel confident before dipping their toes in the property-buying waters. With this book in hand, you’ll have that all-important extra knowledge.

  • Answers key questions like ‘Which properties should I target in these “boom” areas?’ and ‘How do I know I’m paying the right price?’
  • Distils property-buying rhetoric in a simple, easy-to-follow way
  • Features numerous case studies and real-life examples to help illustrate strategies and potential pitfalls
  • Includes checklists to help you make sure you aren’t missing anything when buying a property

Find the Right Property, Buy at the Right Price is here to allay your property-buying fears. From a respected expert with an impeccable track record, it’s the only book you need to make a responsible, informed, and profitable purchase.

Foreword vii

About the author ix

Acknowledgements xiii

Introduction xv

Part I: Finding the right property 1

1 A fast-moving train: the property market 3

2 Defi ning your property goals 15

3 Buying a home versus buying an investment 21

4 Where to buy 29

5 What to buy 47

6 Choosing the right property 67

Part II: Buying at the right price 99

7 Preparing to buy 101

8 Determining market price 113

9 Property selling methods 127

10 Negotiating the purchase 143

11 Using a buyer’s advocate and other professionals 157

12 Ensuring ongoing success 167

Appendix: useful resources 183

Glossary 189

Index 193