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Finite Element Software for Microwave Engineering



Finite Element Software for Microwave Engineering

Tatsuo Itoh (Editor), Giuseppe Pelosi (Editor), Peter P. Silvester (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-12636-2 August 1996 504 Pages


This book presents an overview of finite element software. It discusses the capabilities and limitations of the available softwear and helps readers formulate engineering problems so that they fit into the framework of current software.
Partial table of contents:

Complete Modes in Uniform Waveguide (J. Davies).

Spatially Periodic Structures (R. Ferrari).

Microwave Passive Devices (M. Aubourg et al.).

Two-Dimensional Bandpass Filters (G. Riblet).

Phased Array Antenna Analysis (J. D'Angelo & I.Mayergoyz).

Antenna Element and Array Simulation with Commercial Software (R.Eisenhart).

FEM Applications to Conformal Antennas (J. Volakis, et al.).

Parallel Hybrid Iterative/Direct Solution Methods (R.Ferraro).

Software Considerations (B. Trowbridge).