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First-Time Leaders of Small Groups: How to Create High Performing Committees, Task Forces, Clubs and Boards



First-Time Leaders of Small Groups: How to Create High Performing Committees, Task Forces, Clubs and Boards

Manuel London, Marilyn London

ISBN: 978-0-787-99587-4 April 2007 Jossey-Bass 288 Pages


First-Time Leaders of Small Groups offers novice and experienced leaders the information they need to keep their members interested and involved, resolve conflicts and deal with difficult people, and ultimately have their group achieve results . . . quickly. The book includes four steps for preparing to lead (selecting members, setting the groundwork for high performance, planning, and establishing your leadership style) and four steps for taking the lead (starting right, working smart, coaching, and assessing). These steps will help you take the lead with confidence. First-Time Leaders of Small Groups is filled with illustrative examples of a wide range of small groups and provides clear suggestions for action. The book includes:
  • Questions and answers based on research on what works well, and what does not
  • Diagnostics for determining your group’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Leadership challenges—ideas for overcoming common difficulties
  • Self-assessments to help build confidence as a group leader
  • Examples of approaches for different group situations
  • Models for understanding how groups work
  • Activities for improving group functions
  • Key research findings
  • Easy-to-follow suggestions for practice

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About the Authors.


1. Identifying Types of Groups and Their Leadership Challenges.

2. Setting the Groundwork for a High-Performing Group.

3. Planning Your Group’s Development.

4. Determining Your Leadership Style.


5. Getting Off to the Right Start.

6. Working Smart.

7. Helping Your Group Learn to Get Better.

8. Assessing Your Group’s Progress and Achievements.

Appendix A: Quick Start Guide.

Appendix B: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Strategies.

Appendix C:A Primer on Giving and Receiving Feedback .


"This book was written for a wide audience and the information is applicable in any group setting." (NACADA, Nov 20, 2007)