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First World War For Dummies

First World War For Dummies

Seán Lang

ISBN: 978-1-118-67997-5

Apr 2014

408 pages



From the Somme to Gallipoli to the home front, First World War For Dummies provides an authoritative, accessible, and engaging introduction to the War to End All Wars. It takes a global perspective of this global conflict, proving insight into the actions and motivations of the participants and how each nation’s story fits into the wider one.

Coverage also includes:

  • The origins of the war and a snapshot of what the world looked like at the beginning of the 20th century
  • The battles of Western Europe, and action in the Southern and Eastern Fronts
  • The war at home  — the civilian war, propaganda, opposition, politics, protests, and more 
  • 1918: The German spring offensive, the Allied success and the beginning of the end
  • The Treaty of Versailles, the League of Nations, and the effect on the future

First World War For Dummies is the go-to source for readers seeking to learn more about the fundamental event of the 20th century.


Introduction 1

Part I: Origins of War 7

Chapter 1: The First World War: An Overview 9

Chapter 2: The World in 1900 29

Chapter 3: Crisis Mismanagement: Unpicking the Causes of the First World War 55

Part II: Europe at War, 1914–1916 75

Chapter 4: 1914: The First World War Starts Here 77

Chapter 5: 1915: Cunning Plans to Win the War 101

Chapter 6: 1916: The Big Battles 117

Part III: A World at War 137

Chapter 7: Welcome to the World of the Trenches 139

Chapter 8: War at Sea, War in the Air 155

Chapter 9: Turkish Delights 175

Chapter 10: The Imperial War 195

Chapter 11: America Goes to War 213

Part IV: Home Fronts 229

Chapter 12: The Civilian War 231

Chapter 13: Women at War 249

Chapter 14: Struggles for Power 265

Part V: Armistice and Aftermath, 1917–1918 and Beyond 281

Chapter 15: 1917: The Year of Big Changes 283

Chapter 16: 1918: Victory and Defeat 303

Chapter 17: Aftermath: The World After the War 323

Chapter 18: Remembering the War 343

Part VI: The Part of Tens 359

Chapter 19: Ten Key Generals of the First World War 361

Chapter 20: Ten Great First World War Films 367

Chapter 21: Ten Famous Wartime Writers and Poets 371

Chapter 22: Ten Enlightening Places to Visit 377

Index 381