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Fisheries Acoustics, 3rd Edition

Fisheries Acoustics, 3rd Edition

John K. Horne, Paul G. Fernandes

ISBN: 978-1-119-43964-6

Jan 2020, Wiley-Blackwell

396 pages

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Since the publication of Fisheries Acoustics, Second Edition, many technological innovations and analytic advances have occurred. This revised and updated edition will cover the wide range of acoustic technology currently available as well as detailing their use for studying marine organisms, including information on sampling, survey design and data analysis.
Changes that have taken place in the intervening years will be presented including: 
- The use of multiple frequencies to aid in classification of species.
- The use of alternate platforms to increase autonomy and duration of sensor deployments.
- Acoustic technology and sensor integration to aid the design of instrument packages.
- Accessibility of multibeam sonars and wideband transmission pulses. 

Fisheries Acousics 3e will highlightthe expanded use of acoustic technologies in ecological research, ecosystem-based resource management, and monitoring applications, providing fisheries scientists with a useful update on this rapidly advancing field.