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Fisheries Buybacks

Fisheries Buybacks

Rita Curtis, Dale Squires

ISBN: 978-0-470-27655-6 February 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 288 Pages




Fisheries buybacks are an important strategy being implemented globally in the efforts to produce a more sustainable and profitable fisheries industry. Fisheries Buybacks provides the reader with an overview of buybacks and the issues surrounding them as well as a synthesis of the literature on this subject of growing importance. Alongside this material are eleven case studies from around the world that look at real life applications of buybacks and its successes and failures. Edited by two leading fisheries economists with chapters contributed by international experts in the field, Fisheries Buybacks will be a valuable resource for fisheries managers, economists, researchers, and policy makers for years to come.

Preface: Rebecca Lent and William Hogarth.

Part I. Fisheries Buybacks Overview.

1. Introduction: Rita Curtis and Dale Squires.

2. Lessons from Fisheries Buybacks: Theodore Groves and Dale Squires.

3. Do Buyback Programs Make Sense?: Rögnvaldur Hannesson.

Part II. Fishery Case Studies.

4. Capacity Reduction and Productivity: A Profit Decomposition for the Australian South East Trawl Fishery: Kevin J. Fox, R. Quentin Grafton, Tom Kompas, and Tuong Nhu Che.

5. A Case Study of Fishing Vessel Capacity Management Public Buyout Schemes: Community Experience through the Multi-Annual Guidance Programmes and Ways Forward: Jean-Claude Cueff.

6. Vessel Decommissioning in Danish Fisheries: Eric Lindebo and Niels Vestergaard.

7. Decommissioning Schemes and Capacity Adjustment: A Preliminary Analysis of the French Experience: Olivier Guyader, Patrick Berthou, and Fabienne Daurès.

8. The Decommissioning Scheme for the Italian Clam Fishery: A Case of Success: Massimo Spagnolo.

9. Driftnets Buyback Program: A Case of Institutional Failure: Massimo Spagnolo.

and Rosaria Sabatella.

10. The Impact of the EU Buyback Scheme on the Italian Fleet: The Northern and Central Adriatic Sea Bottom Trawlers Case: Massimo Spagnolo and Rosaria Sabatella.

11. Buyback Programs for Fishing Vessels in Norway: Rögnvaldur Hannesson.

12. The Effects of Buyback Programs in the British Columbia Salmon Fishery: R. Quentin Grafton and Harry Nelson.

13. Effectiveness of Vessel Buyback Programs on the Offshore Fishery in Taiwan: Jenny Chin-Hwa Sun.

14. The Texas Inshore Bay and Bait License Buyback Program: Robin Riechers, Wade Griffin, and Richard Woodward.

15. Buyback Programs and Industry Restructuring in Fisheries: James E. Kirkley, John B. Walden, and James Waters.

16. A Case Study of New England Groundfish Fishing Capacity Reduction: Eric Thunberg, Andrew Kitts, and John Walden

"This is the book that fisheries managers and decision-makers in government fisheries departments would be well advised to study carefully." (Fishing News, October 2007)

"A book that fisheries managers and decision makers in government fisheries departments would be well advised to study carefully." (Fishing News International)

  • Global overview of fishery buyback strategies
  • Comprehensive coverage of fisheries buybacks
  • 11 case studies that explore buyback applications from around the world
  • Edited by leading fisheries economists