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Five Standards for Effective Teaching: How to Succeed with All Learners, Grades K-8



Five Standards for Effective Teaching: How to Succeed with All Learners, Grades K-8

Stephanie Stoll Dalton

ISBN: 978-0-787-98093-1 November 2007 Jossey-Bass 304 Pages


An acclaimed, research-based framework for promoting excellence

Based on a proven instructional model distilled over years of research, this book focuses on five essential pedagogy standards for guiding teaching practice in classrooms with diverse students, including English learners. Providing key indicators for each standard along with the theoretical rationale and "best practice" strategies, the book offers teachers invaluable guidance for enhancing language, literacy, thinking, and content learning across the curricula. It also provides advice on creating classroom groupings for differentiating lessons and activities and includes extensive examples of practices from real-life classrooms.

Stephanie Stoll Dalton, Ed.D., has taught diverse students from first to twelfth grade, community college, and as a teacher educator. She has consulted widely on teacher quality. She is currently with the U.S. Department of Education

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Preface ix

The Author xv

Part One Understanding the Standards

One Effective Teaching and Pedagogy 2

Two Evidence: Scientific Support for Five Standards 22

Part Two Implementing the Standards

Three Teacher and Students Producing Together (Standard I) 50

Four Developing Language and Literacy (Standard II) 96

Five Connecting Learning to Students’ Worlds (Standard III) 132

Six Challenging Students’ Thinking (Standard IV) 158

Seven Using Instructional Conversation (Standard V) 188

Eight The Five Standards Integrated: How to Teach Effectively 220


1A Five Standards of Pedagogy with Classroom Indicators 247

3A Timing Instructional Frames 250

3B Guidelines for Organizing Classroom Activity Settings 252

3C Classroom Graphic 254

4A Directed Thinking Activity Cycles 255

4B Web Sites 258

6A Stock Market Math Activity 261

6B Stock Market Instructional Frame 263

6C Footprint Puzzle 264

8A Activity Settings Worksheet 265

8B Scheduling and Routing Form 267

8C Instructional Frame: Student Contract and Choice Model 271

References 273

Name Index 278

Subject Index 281

  • Features proven instructional model distilled from over 25 years of the Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence (CREDE). 
  • Tested with diverse students in dozens of K-12 classrooms from Hawaii to Florida, with support from the U.S. Dept. of  Education
  • Offers theoretical grounding and systematic, practical guidance
  • Emphasizes literacy, motivation, and engagement as well as content learning
  • Includes model lessons and activities from across the curriculum
  • Perfect for use in teaching courses that deal with instruction in differentiated and inclusion classrooms.