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Fix Your Team

Fix Your Team

Rose Bryant-Smith

ISBN: 978-0-730-35449-9

Sep 2018

180 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Fix Your Team is a practical guide that will teach you how to identify dysfunction in your team, understand what is really going on, work out what to do about it, and get everyone back to work. Fix Your Team will help you to:

  • Develop confidence in your analysis of team problems
  • Know what tools are available to shift a destructive, inefficient or unethical dynamic
  • Learn how to choose what tool will work best (including best use of your resources)
  • Develop the business case for resourcing an intervention, and get support from the top (including budget) to take action
  • Build the buy-in and respect of your team members

Fix Your Team will guide you to remove the dysfunction that your team is suffering, and:

  • Reduce legal and OHS risk;
  • Improve productivity;
  • Tackle problems early, before they become public or impact on other areas of the business;
  • Give employees an opportunity to improve their working relationships;
  • Avoid unnecessary employee turnover and resignations of good staff;
  • Enable managers and leaders to demonstration their commitment to productivity, genuine care for employees and a healthy working environment;
  • Improve the team’s respect for the managers and leaders of the organisation; and
  • Demonstrate that the company values are real, not just marketing spin.