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FlashTM MX Complete Course

FlashTM MX Complete Course

William B. Sanders

ISBN: 978-0-764-53685-4

Oct 2002

416 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Exercises build gradually so that by the end of the book, readers will have created a Flash-based Web site that contains several Web pages.
* CD-ROM contains all raw files needed to reconstruct the project, plus "iteration" files for each session.
Confidence Builder.

Part I: Course Setup.

Flash MX Basics.

Project Overview.

Part II: Getting Started.

Session 1: The Flash MX Environment.

Session 2: Drawing in Flash.

Session 3: Arranging and Changing Objects.

Part III: Moving and Changing Objects.

Session 4: Animation from Cels to Digital Frames.

Session 5: Text and Forms.

Session 6: Enhanced Animations.

Session 7: Adding Sound to Flash MX.

Session 8: Debugging and Publishing Movies.

Part IV: Dynamic Controls.

Session 9: Editing and Navigation.

Session 10: Controls with ActionScript.

Part V: Working with External Elements.

Session 11: Working with QuickTime Movies and UI Components.

Session 12: Using External Files and Finishing Up.


“…lavish screenshots…crisp and direct tutorials…an excellent resource… (Practical Web Projects, August 2003)
Muybridge files

Companion Site

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William B. Sanders is the author of Server-Side Flash, Flash ActionScript f/x, and more than 40 other computer-related books. He is a professor at the University of Hartford, where he teaches Interactive Information Technology and works with faculty and students to develop Web applications.

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