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Flash CS4 Professional Bible

Flash CS4 Professional Bible

ISBN: 978-0-470-48051-9

Feb 2009

1200 pages

Select type: E-Book


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A completely revised and updated edition of the all-time bestselling Flash title
  • Written by two of the world’s leading Flash experts, this comprehensive reference provides you with undocumented techniques, tips, and tricks on the CS4 release of Flash, the popular tool that allows you to create animations and build interactive Web sites
  • In-depth coverage on more than one thousand pages includes something for everyone—whether you’re a Web novice or an accomplished Web professional—this resource will be your guide to the inner workings and capabilities of Flash CS4
  • Two of the world’s leading Flash experts offer more coverage than any other book on the market
  • The accompanying CD-ROM includes trial software, addons, plugins, shareware, templates, and examples

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Part I: An Introduction to Flash Web Production.

Understanding the Adobe Flash CS4 Blueprint.

Exploring Web Technologies.

Planning Flash Projects.

Part II: Mastering the Flash Environment.

Interface Fundamentals.

Drawing in Flash.

Symbols, Instances, and the Library.

Applying Color.

Working with Text.

Modifying Graphics.

Part III: Creating Animation and Effects.

Animation Strategies.

Timeline Animation and the Motion Editor.

Applying Filters, Blends, Guides, and Masks.

Character Animation Techniques.

Part IV: Integrating Media Files with Flash.

Adding Sound.

Importing Artwork.

Displaying Video.

Part V: Adding Basic Interactivity to Flash Movies.

Understanding Actions and Event Handlers.

Building Timelines and Interactions.

Making Your First Flash CS4 Project.

Part VI: Distributing Flash Movies.

Publishing Flash Movies.

Integrating Flash Content with Web Pages.

Using the Flash Player and Projector.

Part VII: Approaching ActionScript.

Knowing the Nuts and Bolts of Code.

Controlling Movie Clips.

Using Functions and Arrays.

Interacting with Movie Clips.

Part VIII: Applying ActionScript.

Animating with ActionScript.

Sharing and Loading Assets.

Sending Data In and Out of Flash.

Applying HTML and Text Field Formatting.

Creating a Game in Flash.

Using Components.

Building an Image Gallery Component.

Part IX: Appendixes.

Using the CD-ROM.

Guest Experts’ Information.

Digital Audio Basics.

Digital Video Basics.