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Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies

Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies

Jodie O'Rourke

ISBN: 978-1-118-01254-3

Nov 2011

480 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The fun-and-easy guide to developing cool Flash apps for mobile devices

Flash is installed on 98 percent of browsers and runs on most smartphones, delivering RIA content and videos. With Flash 10.1 for mobile devices, developers have the perfect tool to create a richer experience. This friendly guide covers the tools needed to develop native mobile device apps as well as Web Flash mobile apps, including games, and does it all in the easy-to-follow For Dummies style.

  • Flash is the standard for delivering rich Internet applications on mobile devices
  • Covers how to create iOS and Android apps with Flash and use the development environment for Flash
  • Addresses working with both regular and touch devices; developing a good mobile user interface; creating, testing, and deploying apps; developing fast, fun, and easy mobile games using Flash; and more

Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies makes it easy to enter the fun and exciting field of mobile app development.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started 7

Chapter 1: Exploring Flash on Mobile Devices 9

Chapter 2: Deploying Your Flash Application Natively or to the Browser 21

Chapter 3: Understanding the Process of Creating a Flash Mobile App 31

Part II: Creating a Flash Application for Mobile Devices 41

Chapter 4: Building a Mobile Flash Application with Flash Professional 43

Chapter 5: Creating the User Interface 57

Chapter 6: Writing the Code 89

Chapter 7: Entering and Managing Data 133

Chapter 8: Sending Data to the Server and Receiving Something Back 165

Part III: Adding Extra Bells and Whistles 191

Chapter 9: Enhancing with Video and Audio 193

Chapter 10: Bringing Your App to Life with Animation and Transitions 219

Chapter 11: Hooking into the Extended Mobile API Features 241

Chapter 12: Building Mobile Flex Applications with Flash Builder 269

Part IV: Getting Your App onto a Mobile Device 291

Chapter 13: Compiling and Packaging an AIR for Android Application 293

Chapter 14: Getting Your App onto an Android Device 309

Chapter 15: Registering as an iOS Developer and Provisioning Your iOS Device 323

Chapter 16: Compiling and Packaging an Application for iOS 351

Chapter 17: Getting Your App onto an iOS Device 369

Part V: Testing and Sending Your App to Market 379

Chapter 18: Performance Is Key: Testing the Application 381

Chapter 19: Submitting Your App to the Android Market 399

Chapter 20: Submitting to the Apple App Store 409

Part VI: The Part of Tens 429

Chapter 21: Top Ten Performance Tips 431

Chapter 22: Top Ten Ways to Please Your User 437

Chapter 23: Top Ten Tips for Apple App Store Success 443

Index 449

Source code files
The ZIP contains the SpaceshipZapZap project for both iOS and Android distribution, as follows:

  • SpaceshipZapZapAndroid.fla: The Flash Professional project file to open to compile the app for Android devices
  • SpaceshipZapZapiOS.fla: The Flash Professional project file to open to compile the app for iOS devices
  • ActionScript source that is common to both FLA files
  • Manifest XML documents for both FLA files
  • Icons folder: Contains example icons in the various sizes required by the Apple App Store and Android Market
  • Graphics folder: Contains graphics that the author imported into his application and which he references in Chapter 5 of the book
  • Certificates folder: Contains a readme.txt document that prompts readers to store the application certificates they generate in this folder

  • Instructions: Website users should download the ZIP file, unzip the contents locally, and then begin by opening either SpaceshipZapZapAndroid.fla or SpaceshipZapZapiOS.fla in Flash Professional (CS5.5 or higher) and pressing Ctrl+Enter (Windows) or Command+Return (Mac) to run the application. After the user has generated the necessary certificates for either iOS or Android, he or she can compile the application and install it on his or her own mobile device.

    Please do not distribute the application either as a compiled app or as source code.