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Flavor, Satiety and Food Intake

Beverly Tepper (Editor), Martin Yeomans (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-04497-0 April 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 248 Pages


This unique book provides a comprehensive review of the latest science on a key aspect of appetite control. It brings together contributions by leading researchers worldwide who approach this complex, multifaceted issue from a variety of differing perspectives, including those of food science, psychology, nutrition, and medicine, among others. 

It is well known that products that require greater oral processing tend to be more sating. At the same time, the orosensory exposure hypothesis holds that flavor and texture in the mouth are critical in determining meal-size. They may act as key predictors of nutritional benefits and so promote better processing of foods. These two related ideas are at the forefront of current thinking on flavor-satiety interactions. Yet, until Flavor, Satiety and Food Intake no book has offered an integrated treatment of both concepts.  The only single-source reference of its kind, it brings health professionals, product developers, and students up to speed on the latest thinking and practices in this fascinating and important area of research.

  • Provides readers with a unique and timely summary of critical recent developments in research on the impact of flavor on satiety
  • Explores a topic of central importance both for food professionals seeking to develop healthier products and health professionals concerned with obesity and over-eating
  • Brings together relevant topics from the fields of food science, psychology, nutrition and medicine

Flavor, Satiety and Food Intake provides product developers with valuable information on how to integrate sensory evaluation with product formulation and marketing. It will also serve as a useful resource for health professionals and is a must-read for students of a range of disciplines in which appetite and satiety are studied. 

List of Contributors ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgements xiii

1 Introducing sensory and cognitive influences on satiation and satiety 1
Martin R. Yeomans

2 Satiety and liking intertwined 13
Zata Vickers

3 The chemical senses and nutrition: the role of taste and smell in the regulation of food intake 35
Cees de Graaf and Sanne Boesveldt

4 Sweetness and satiety 57
Pleunie Hogenkamp

5 Reinforcing value of food, satiety, and weight status 89
Jennifer L. Temple

6 Cognitive and sensory enhanced satiety 109
Keri McCrickerd

7 Umami and the control of appetite 139
Martin R. Yeomans and Una Masic

8 Colour, flavour and haptic influences on satiety 173
Betina Piqueras Fiszman

9 Engineering satiety 197
Aaron Mitchell Lett and Jennifer Norton

Index 225