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Flexible Multibody Dynamics: A Finite Element Approach

Flexible Multibody Dynamics: A Finite Element Approach

Michel Géradin, Alberto Cardona

ISBN: 978-0-471-48990-0

Mar 2001

340 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Flexible Multibody Dynamics comprehensively describes the numerical modelling of flexible multibody dynamics systems in space and aircraft structures, vehicles, and mechanical systems. A rigorous approach is followed to handle finite rotations in 3D, with a thorough discussion of the different alternatives for parametrization. Modelling of flexible bodies is treated following the Finite Element technique, a novel aspect in multibody systems simulation.
Moreover, this book provides extensive coverage of the formulation of a general purpose software for flexible multibody dynamics analysis, based on an exhaustive treatment of large rotations and finite element modelling, and incorporating useful reference material.
Features include different solution techniques such as:
* time integration of differential-algebraic equations
* non-linear substructuring
* continuation methods
* nonlinear bifurcation analysis.
In essence, this is an ideal text for senior undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals in mechanical and aeronautical engineering, as well as mechanical design engineers and researchers, and engineers working in areas such as kinematics and dynamics of deployable structures, vehicle dynamics and mechanical design.


Generalized Coordinates for Mechanism Analysis.

Kinematics of Finite Motion.

Parameterization of Spherical Motion.

Rigid Body Dynamics.

The Elastic Beam.

System Constraints: Modelling of Joints.

Substructuring Techniques.

Static and Kinematic Analyses of Multibody Systems.

Time Integration of Constrained Systems.

Automatic Step Size Control.

Energy Conserving Time Integration.


"a competent offering" (The Aeronautical Journal, November 2001)