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Floating Offshore Wind Energy

Floating Offshore Wind Energy

Denis Matha, Jason Jonkman

ISBN: 978-1-119-30703-7

Feb 2020

320 pages

Select type: E-Book


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The rationale behind the book is that it will focus on the aspects that are unique and/or different from onshore and fixed-bottom offshore wind turbines. It aims to enable students and professionals in industry to understand the technology and will focus on: 

  • basic principles of floating stability
  • the necessary physical and mathematical theory, including examples, to understand the coupled FOWT
    • hydrodynamics,
    • aerodynamics,
    • mooring line dynamics,
    • structural dynamics and
    • interaction with the control system

(and always highlighting in the course of the description where the important differences to onshore and fixed-bottom WT are) – this will be the core part of the book;

  • the FOWT design process;
  • scaled experimental testing of FOWTs, including Froude and Reynolds similarity issues;
  • a review of the current status of the FOWT market and providing a description of the main platform concepts;
  • a summary of important aspects in existing FOWT standards and guidelines, e.g. unique design load cases and critical design conditions for FOWTs;
  • basic economic considerations of the FOWT technology;

At the same time the ambition of the book will be that it will constitute a self-contained book and will therefore also cover limited basic information about wind turbines that can be found in other books on the topic, but that are the necessary foundation to understand and explain the issues specific for FOWTs.